What are tips for weight loss?

Coming to lose weight, I suppose that you can look my answers.

This was in the senior high school. I was a little, which might suffer laughing from my classmates.

This is my present time.

Some Tips:

1. Don’t stay up late

Irregular work and rest, lack of sleep, may cause hormone secretion disorders, thereby increasing the possibility of obesity.

2. Don’t watch food videos before going to bed.

3. Do some bed exercises.

Before getting into the bed, you can exercise for about ten minutes on the bed, and then completely relax and lie down.

4. Eat fresh fruits and do not squeeze juice.

With a cup of pure juice, you can drink 20-40 grams of sugar, which is more than Fat House Happy Water, not to mention fruit drinks.

5. Don’t go on a diet.

Dieting is too painful and anti-human. When you are extremely hungry, it is easy to eat more vindictively. Losing weight is important, but it is equally important to ensure a balanced nutrition and maintain a happy mood.

6. Don’t eat too salty and spicy.

If you want to lose weight, start by eating lightly.

7. Leave the table after eating.

8. Increase the difficulty of feeding.

Hide snacks in hard-to-reach places, inside the refrigerator, on the top of the cabinet, and in the deepest part of the drawer.

9. You can eat snacks, choose the right one

A box of low-fat milk, an apple, 10 almonds, a whole-wheat biscuit, and a small piece of dark chocolate are better choices. Use low-fat cheese and fruits instead of desserts.

10. Don’t shop when you are hungry.

11. Put a scale in the room.

An accurate weight scale can objectively reflect your weight loss effect, and can secretly supervise your weight loss plan. For the same reason, you can also put a flat, honest and fair full-length mirror in the room.

12. Don’t believe in massive weight loss in a short time.

If you really lose fat tissue, it takes about 7000 kcal to consume 1 kg of fat. Under the condition of ensuring our health, it is the limit for us to eat less than 500 kcal a day, which is almost 2 kg a month.

13. Be in a better mood.

Actively adjust your mentality and do things that make yourself calm, happy, and less nervous, which will help you lose weight.

14. Establish a reasonable reward and punishment system.

There are rewards and punishments, more motivation.

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