What are the best ways to make your life easier?

1. Watch less TV. For example, the title of the subject also said that I don’t watch it, because I don’t stop watching it. I just spend the time I used to chase American dramas and animations to watch open classes, documentaries, etc. This magical little box of TV is poisonous!

2. Do only one thing at a time. It’s actually harder to act than it sounds. But this can make you more focused and efficient. For example, letting go of your work, when you are chatting with your friends. Be serious when you work and play.

3. Turn off the reminder function of mobile social applications. Really helpful!

4. Clean up the room regularly. Dispose of unnecessary old clothes, books, magazines, etc. Donate, throw away, recycle… Don’t always think that you will use it someday, just stay in the moment and keep it simple.

5. Take time to organize your mailbox every week. Once, my bloody lesson was the urge to bomb the mailbox with a lot of spam.

6. Make a shopping list. A simple way to save time and reduce unnecessary expenses. “Going to the supermarket” is not easy.

7. Learn to say no. In the face of complicated affairs, learn to say no and choose to do things that make you feel relaxed and happy.

8. Simplify your diet. Or make a recipe so you don’t have to worry about “what to eat today” all day long. If you want to make breakfast differently every day, then you should be happy and hard, right?

9. Write the list down and do execute it! 

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