What are ten truths everyone should accept in life?

1. Although girls scold scumbags, they still choose to associate with scumbags.

2. Gossiping behind your back, sooner or later you will be shot.

3. No one but family will love you unconditionally

4. The wasted days always have to be paid back

5. Don’t persuade others to be generous

6. There is no distinction between tragedy and comedy in the world. If you can come out of tragedy, then it is comedy. If you sink into comedy, then it is tragedy.

7. When you think you are too late to work hard, it is often the earliest time

8. Don’t worry about whether someone loves you or not, please make money in the future

9. Reading is not for eloquence and refutation, nor for gullibility and blind obedience, but for thinking and weighing.

10. A child’s world: He is crying, don’t bully him. The adult world: He is so persuaded that he will blame the pot.

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