What are some things that make or have made you lose faith in humanity?

I haven’t felt it yet, but my good friend was disappointed in human nature for the first time when she was 19 years old.

At that time, the learning tasks were very heavy. Because her father fell in love with another woman, her father chose to divorce with her mother.

But her mother didn’t tell her the information, in order to let her prepare well for the college entrance examination and try her best to enter her ideal university.

It wasn’t until receiving an acceptance letter from the ideal university that her mother told her the news. At that time, she was in a very calm state, as if she had expected this to happen. She didn’t cry, just sitting quietly on the sofa alone.

That night, her father did not go home. She did not choose to call her father, but to sit on the sofa with her mother and watch TV quietly.

Early the next morning, she woke up early, holding her mobile phone and hesitating to call her father. As a result, she pressed the key carefully, and in the room could she only heard the ringing music on the phone.

About ten seconds, the phone was connected. Then, a girl’s voice came out on the other end of the phone: Hello, hello, are you looking for my dad? Sorry to tell you, my dad is busy making breakfast on the kicten. You can have a call later.” Hello? Hello?”

After hearing this, she hung up the phone in a panic. At that moment, she brought into tears. Because she hadn’t felt much care for her father since she was a child. She had always thought that her father was busy in his business, thus her father spent less timw with her.

However, this call woke her up. Her father just didn’t like her because her father put his love to another girl, not her. She held herself and sobbed slightly.

When she was sobbing, her mother walked out of the house in her pajamas. Her mom walked to her, hugged her, and asked her why she was crying. She just asked, “Mom, does Dad divorce because of another woman? Does Dad still have another daughter?” Her mother lowered the head and said weakly, “Yes, that girl has the same age with you.” At that moment, all her perfect visions of human nature were destroyed, and the “devil was her favorite father ! ! !”

Dad’s derailment, deception, or even lack of care are the last line of defense that crushes her disappointment in human nature!

If you don’t love, just leave without hurt!!!

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