What are some psychological facts about love?

Finding Love and soulmate
  1. When women ask you a question about whether she is beautiful or not., in fact, what they want are your appreciation and sincere love and care.
  2. When your are arguing with each other because of some little things, you should never say that your girlfriend is wrong.
  3. When your girlfriend or boyfriend is ill, you should try your best to take care of him or her. Never only say some comforting words with acts. Because the time when people are ill is the most important one to let him or her feel your focus, care and love.
  4. Giving some surprising gifts to each other is very necessary, which will refresh your love. Meanwhile, it shows that your girlfriend or boyfriend plays an important part in your heart.
  5. Never easily say “ break up with him or her” in a bad mood. This will accelerate your relationship being broken.

6. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you should keep proper distance with others who will threaten your relationship. Never do some wrong things with others. If you lost him or her in this way, you would never be with her.

7. Learn to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your friend or family. This way will let him or her feel a sense of focus and safety.

8. A relationship can’t give you a sense of happiness, safety and loyalty, then the relationship is wrong and never find some rescues for the other party.

9. You should have same goals in life. To do some cooking will increase your intimacy with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

10. Sometimes, having a sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend will contribute your love to each other.

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