What are some of the most awesome psychological facts?

1. During a group chat, if somebody has his/her feet turned towards you that means she/he is interested in you.

2. If a girl likes you, she will always play with her hair while talking to you.

3. When you feel a little nevirous talking with a man, it has two reasons. One is that you have a crush on him. The other is that his has much higher EQ than yours.

4. When you are in a bad moood, you can pretend to smile. When you have done this, you will find that you have relaxed a lot.

5. If you meet someone cool, do not feel that they are silent and hard to get along with. Actually, they are easy to get on.

6.. People who like to make others happy often have had an experience of being hurt. They hope to heal their inner wounds with laughter.

7. People who often post photos are often very confident about their appearance.

8. If a member of the opposite sex neither accepts your confession nor rejects your invitation, you may be a spare tire that she has hoarded.

9. If a girl is very frugal to herself, but is willing to buy you a pair of shoes worth thousands of dollars, it proves that she regards you more importantly than herself.

10. A person who really likes you will value every promise made to you and will honor each one as a child seriously.

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