What are some lessons that life teaches you?

1. When interests are involved, treat everyone as the worst civil defense.

2. Anger without strength is worthless. Enemies that cannot be defeated can become friends.

3. Acknowledge if you are wrong, and stand firm when you are beaten.

4. It is safer to hold the initiative in your own hands for the main points of the dispute.

5. Wear clean and decently every day, regardless of men and women, do not need many beautiful clothes, and do not need to be a famous brand, as long as it is clean and fresh.

6. If you are really tired or really hurt, please stop moving forward. Stop and rest. The scenery along the way is also beautiful. Charge it up and move forward.

7. Take care of your mood. If you are unhappy and depressed, you need to vent. Find someone to chat, play and run, and run up to the top to call out loudly. It will really be much better.

8. Love yourself, understand yourself, know what you want and will act on it.

9. Share if you don’t like it, buy if you want, eat if you are hungry, sleep if you are sleepy, spend if you want.

10. Please keep a sincere and kind heart, and treat it with a smile after seeing the dark side.

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