What are some heart-pinching pictures of families?

Being shameful of no photos of my grandfather

When I saw this, I felt so shamed that I had no photos of my grandfather.

I remembered it clearly that was on Wednesday night in winter when my grandfather left us.

At that time, I was in senior high school without my own phone. If I had a phone at that time, I would like to take a photo of my grandfather on that Monday morning.

Because last week, I had a cold, then I asked my teacher for a two-day leave. That I stayed at home from Saturday to Sunday. During the two-day leave, because my parents worked in other province, I lived with my grandparents. My grandfather took me to the doctor’s for treating the cold. With medicines, I turned to be great on Sunday. Thus, I had to go to school on Monday.

It was a cold Monday morning in winter. He sent me to school with a coat. At that time, he said a lot to me.

My grandfather: “ Do you feel cold. “

I: “ No, I wore a warm coat and I couldn’t feel cold.”

My grandfather; “You wear my coat again, then you actually can’t feel cold.”

I: “ Nope, it’s okay that I am warm. Trust me.”

Then my grandfather showed a smile. At that time, I couldn’t realize that it was the last time for me to take his drive,”

On Wednesday, my parents called to my teacher for asking a leave. When I got out of the classroom, they told me the bad news. At that time, shocked, I burst into tears. Until now, when I recall this and I can’t release myself from the news that my grandfather suddenly leaved us.

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