What are some good habits to follow?

When I see this topic, I have some advice.

Develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and maintain
a good schedule.

the clothes you wear ahead. It is best to avoid stress on the next day.

The first thing after waking up in the morning is to drink a glass of honey
water, or plain water to help clean up the stomach.

After getting up in the morning, a proper amount of outdoor aerobic exercise
will help you strengthen your body.

After going to the toilet, you should develop a good habit of washing hands
frequently to avoid bacterial infection.

Every day, take about 30 minutes to read and give your brain to think.

In your free time, you must persist in cultivating and developing your own
hobbies and sentiments. Because one day they will give you a return.

When discussing issues in a group, you should always put listening to the
opinions of others first, and then express your thoughts and attitude objectively,
and never follow the trend.

When you are away from home, you must develop the habit of reporting safety to
your family frequently, and you should not neglect your family and relatives because
of your busy work.

Always remember to eat breakfast, the body is the first thing that can work.

To develop a good habit of lunch break, the time can be between 20-30 minutes,
not too long or too short lunch break, to give the brain a proper adjustment.

Keep eating fruits and vegetables, and try to eat less fried food.

To actively keep in touch with your friends at all times, the relationship of
friends needs to be maintained by both parties.

Stay away from negative emotions and always maintain an optimistic and positive

To develop the habit of praising your lover at all times, a good love
relationship requires the praise of both parties.

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