What are some good examples of “life isn’t fair”?

The Shawshank Redemption

The hero Andy is a vice president of a bank, young, handsome and rich. But he was considered the murderer of his wife and his wife’s lover and was imprisoned in Shawshank prison. During the prison, he tried his best to re-gain his freedom.

Rhett can get many things for people in prison, such as cigarettes and chewing gum, and he can always get everything that is not in prison. Andy looks very cold to outsiders, because he doesn’t talk much and doesn’t look much. When he started talking with Rhett, he hoped that the other party could find him a small hammer. In this way, Andy and Reid became very good friends.

There is no fairy tale in prison. Andy was tortured at the beginning of his life in prison. Even though he resisted every time, he still couldn’t escape the fate of being sodomized. Things started to turn around when Andy proposed that he could help Sergeant Hadley to evade taxes. I really like this scene in the movie. After Andy helped Hadley, he and a group of inmates were rewarded-beer. At that moment, Andy seemed to taste the long-lost taste of “freedom”.

The guards in the prison want to obtain various methods of tax evasion and financial management from this “murderer” who knows how to manage money.

Therefore, the warden gave him many privileges and helped Andy avoid harm in prison. Andy is smart. On his first day in prison, he wanted to escape. He used a small hammer and spent nearly 20 years to dig a small escape tunnel in a prison with extremely strict personal control.

While laundering money for the respectable warden, Andy began to plan for his life after escape, forging a fake name for himself, taking out the money corrupted by the warden, and exposing the warden’s corruption.

Andy has sustenance. When Andy received a book from the government, there was a record, so he violated the prison rules and broadcast the music outside, bringing some sounds that they could not enjoy before to the lifeless prison. At that moment, Andy enjoyed it, as did the inmates.

Andy thinks he is guilty. After the habitual stealer Tommy entered the prison, Andy finally learned the truth about the death of his wife and his wife’s lover. Although it is finally known that the murderer of his wife and his wife’s lover is someone else, Andy believes that his own emotional neglect of his wife is the cause of his wife’s death. He believes that he is responsible and he hopes to be saved.

Andy made every effort to save the souls of the prisoners. He wanted to expand Shawshank’s library, so he insisted on writing a letter to the government every week, hoping to get funding. This move he insisted on for 6 years. The government finally agreed to his request and sent a large batch of old books and 200 dollars. He helped Tommy relearn knowledge and take the exam.

Andy is always hopeful. Upon learning that the warden did not help him to overthrow the case and he was destined to be unable to get the ordinary, he climbed 500 meters of dirty, smelly and disgusting sewers (even Rhett said he couldn’t do it to climb these sewers. ). What washed away in the rain, more than washed away the smell of the sewer, he got the real redemption in his heart.

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