What are some examples of “the last known photo of”?

May be the last known photo of my idol Kobe Bryant

A blurry selfie of Kobe Bryant by a young boy, Brady Smigiel, may be the last known photo of my idol, Kobe.

I love playing basketball because of my idol Kobe, who had created many wonderful regards in NBA.

And the last known photo of Kobe’s last All-Star Game in 2016 is my favorite photo. From the photo, I remembered that Kobe held the ball against James, and James patted the floor to show respect during the offense basketball competition.

Once, I dreamed that Kobe and James could be a team again to participate in the basketball competition. And I also dreamed that number 23 and number 24 could fight for the victory again. But my dream is after all a dream. There won’t be a framed picture of Kobe and James anymore. Although, Kobe, my idol, leaves us for another place, I won’t never forget why I love playing basketball.

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