What are sex related knowledge in hindi?

they are watching the sunset with sex related knowledge in hindi

are sex related knowledge in hindi? Sex is something that both husband and
wife are particularly yearning for. A
harmonious sex
can improve the quality and at the same time enhance the
relationship between husband and wife. There are many little secrets in sex.
What are the little secrets of sex?

1. Men change
positions just to please women

are sex
related knowledge in hindi? Not all men like
to change various postures in bed, just to be able to better please women. From
the physiological structure of men, men are not so picky about posture, as long
as they are not excessively squeezed by muscles, almost every posture can make
them reach orgasm.

2. The busier the
day, the more it will be released at night

If women are very lean during the day, they must release
their stress at night. If they are too tired, they will ignore the intimacy
with their sexual partners. They are very eager to get sex, and their spiritual
defenses will be in a state of collapse. Therefore, no matter how
the work is, be sure to spend some time with your boyfriend.

3. Women who have
sex in the car will feel more secure

are sex related knowledge in hindi? Because some women like to have sex in a
car, because the car has a better seal, it is equivalent to a kind of mobile
bed, which can bring a strong sense of security. If you want to have some
sexual stimulation, you can have sex in the back seat of the car.

4. Men who fall
asleep fast after sex are in good health

At the climax of sex, men’s neuromuscular and cerebral
cortex will have a short and high level of excitement, and then
after sex
, they will slowly decrease as the excitement disappears. At this
time, the neurons have entered the inhibition zone. To fall asleep in time, the
faster the neurons are inhibited, the stronger the body’s repair ability will
be. Therefore, if a man falls asleep faster after sex, it means that the
physical condition is better.

5. The faster the
male beard grows, the stronger the sexual demand

are sex related knowledge in hindi? A male’s beard has a great relationship
with sexual ability. The faster the male’s beard grows, the better the
metabolic function and the strong sexual demand.

6. Don’t eat too
much or be hungry before having sex

The more full you eat before sex, the lower your sexual
pleasure, because after eating, the intestines will be filled with a lot of
blood, making other organs and the brain insufficiently supplied with blood, so
that neurons can’t get excited quickly. In addition, if you are too hungry, you
will be unable to achieve a certain level of sexual satisfaction because of
insufficient physical strength.

7. Men will be
sexually excited when they meet with a red, and women will have sexual
fantasies when they meet with purple

are sex
related knowledge
in hindi? Spanish medical experts say that men will
be sexually excited when seeing red, while women will feel physical fear when
seeing red due to menstruation. Intimacy in a bedroom with a purple atmosphere,
a woman’s sexual excitement will be 15% higher than usual. Because purple is
similar to the color of human mucosa, it can make women have rich sexual

8. Candlelight and
moonlight make women change their beauty

A global survey covering more than 6,000 women shows that
37% of women are more happy to have sex under candlelight or moonlight, because
the special wavelength of candlelight and moonlight can make women’s skin look
more delicate and rosy.

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