What are 2 values of how to get your ex back paragraph?

What are 2 values of how to get your ex back paragraph?

Many friends will say, since it is so simple, why are so
many people recovering from the failure? I hope everyone can think about it. If
you really want to recover, let’s talk about how to do it.
How to get your ex back paragraph? What
are 2 values of how to get your ex back paragraph?

1. Two-pronged
approach of intrinsic value & extrinsic value

to get your ex back paragraph?
In fact, I don’t mention the value of many
friends. In the past, the vests and pants were not trimmed every day. Now I am
starting to cut hair and fitness clothes. This is an
increase in external value
. In the past, straight men in steel were
abandoned when they talked. Now listen to empathy and effective communication.
, This is the enhancement of intrinsic value.

Only when your objective conditions have improved, will
the other party make a difference to you, right? People go to higher places and
the water flows to lower places. Everyone is eager to pursue better and more
valuable personnel. Your value rises. If you don’t need to take the initiative
to speak, the other person will naturally
be attracted to you.

2. Meeting
expectations is not just talking

to get your ex back paragraph?
Many men have misunderstandings about
girls and feel that girls like to listen to sweet talks. As long as they say
something nice to coax each other, she will be happy. In fact, it really is
not, especially for girls who broke up with you, say 10,000 If you want to
reconcile, it
is better to do one thing
to her heart.

For example, with regard to future planning, a large part
of a girl’s need for intimacy is the need for companionship and security. She
wants a tangible future, a visible promise, and you can give her Seeing this
future, then she is willing to spend time and energy on you.

to get your ex back paragraph?
So instead of thinking hard about what
gift to give her to change her mind, it is better to write down a plan about
your future, such as where you plan to settle, the direction of your life, some
development of your work, etc. It can touch a girl’s heart more than you send
flowers or invite dinner.

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