The most heartbroken thing in matching, free matching, chatting with girls or cute boys

We always think that we are unsatisfactory, but we do not
know what happened to those who have lost their beloved ones. I recently
received a fan submission. After reading her story, I couldn’t calm down for a
long time.

A heartbroken story in matching, free match about chatting
with girls or cute boys (from fan):

2020.11.7 My boy was given to God. This gentle big boy
had his life frozen at 22 years old.

This is really unacceptable. When I look at his photos, I
will cry until I fall asleep, and my heart will be depressed, or I will lie to
myself that this is just a dream.

He is a very gentle and gentle boy, he always considers
others before doing anything, never consider himself. He likes blue, keeps
promises, likes music, and can play guitar and piano. He would dig out the
guitar and sing to me when I was insomnia, and he would comfort me to sleep in
a soft voice; he would not quarrel with girls or speak loudly, nor would he
swear; he would just say “no He likes to smell second-hand smoke” and
started to quit smoking; he never confided anyone to him: he would wait for the
other person to finish, and then patiently comfort him.

The story between us is very long, because from the first grade of junior
high school to the third grade of university, we have known each other for
almost ten years. In the past ten years, we have taken care of and accompanied
each other. I never knew about his illness, he never told me, I was afraid I
was worried. The moment I knew he was sick, I received a message from his parents.
Content: He has left, he has something he wants us to transfer to you.

At that moment, I didn’t believe it, I didn’t believe
that he left me and left this world. I don’t believe the fact that he is sick.
So I called many people to verify, hoping that they would tell me that this
matter is not true. I called our
teacher, his roommate… until his roommate told me that I had really left, I
started to cry. Keep crying, keep crying, I still don’t believe it.

I called his father again, and his father said: “He
has gone!”

At that moment, the whole world was dim. I cried all
afternoon and kept sending him messages and phone calls, but no one answered.
At night, I was alone in the bed, watching our chat records, the voices he sent
me, his albums, and photos, thinking that he must come to my dream.

The second day he left, he got up very early, and he ran
to the library to sit and looked outside. He cried when he was sitting, and he
started crying when he was in class. Keep sending him messages, share songs to
him on QQ, and listen together. Post “Stars, good night” in the
circle of friends. Because I always feel that when people die, they will become
a star.

In the week after he left, I wanted to dream about him
every day, sending him messages every day, and leaving messages to him, as if
he never left and never stopped missing!

His funeral was held on the thirteenth day after his
death. That day, I took time off and went back to see him for the last time. I
think I must say goodbye.

When I arrived at his house, I dared not look at his
mourning hall or even his parents. I didn’t even dare to cry out in front of
them, even when I cried, I was crying quietly behind the crowd.

On the day of the burial, I saw his suitcase, the clothes
he used to wear that I was very familiar with, and his urn. At that moment, my
whole state collapsed, and I realized that I could no longer hold his hand, and
I could no longer travel with him, walk together, and play basketball together.
At that moment, I couldn’t help crying loudly anymore.

I originally thought that as long as there was a complete
farewell ceremony, I would be myself.

However, after returning to school, I looked at what his
parents handed over to me. I am even more heartbroken.

I never calm down and do my own things every day, and I
feel sad when I think that I can no longer pinch his face or hold him.

Every day I smile at everyone on the surface, but I feel
so sad that I can’t find the way out.

At night, I became silent, not wanting to speak to

I feel that everything around me is sad; I dare not look
through the previous circle of friends, I dare not read
his comments, I dare not look through the album, I am afraid of seeing him;
movies, books, songs, and even the songs I shared with him .

Up to now, he has been away for 20 days immediately, and
I began to force myself not to think about him, but I cannot forget him.

At the age of 20, I felt pain and sadness for the first
time. I started to like what he liked → basketball, and started to become more
and more like him.

He was 22 years old and left endless regrets, which will
last forever in my heart.

Now, I believe in dreams, because he came to my dream and
told me that he was fine over there. Now I believe there will be bliss, there
will be an afterlife, and there will be reincarnation. He just continued class
in another place, played basketball, fell in love!

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