Something that needs to pay attention when kissing in the relationship

Kiss in love

Kissing is a
behavior unique to humans. It is said that it can pass bacteria from one person
to another, thereby ultimately enhancing immunity. But this is not too
romantic, is it? Kissing is likely to have potential biological functions, but
it cannot be denied its role in intimacy or general health. Therefore, when a couple kisses, they must be careful.

1. Fresh breath is the most important

When kissing,
his/her nose is only a few millimeters away from your mouth. If you don’t want
your partner to be “smoked” by your own smelly mouth, you should
rinse after eating garlic, onion, leeks, drinking coffee, and smoking. Mouth,
if possible, it is best to brush your teeth or chew gum.

2. Don’t open your mouth too much

When women kiss,
they are used to slightly opening their lips, which is a challenge for men. In
fact, kissing should be done gradually. Slowly opening your partner’s mouth and
expanding the entanglement of the lips and tongue will more easily stimulate female
sexual desire.

3. Change your posture

Changing the
rhythm and posture of the kiss can increase the fun of the kiss and make the
partner addicted to it. It is especially taboo to keep a posture when kissing.
This will not only cause oppressive pain, but also make people annoying.

4. Don’t touch your hands

Maybe you think
it’s a very romantic thing to touch each other while kissing. But there is a
prerequisite here, that is, you get the right way. When kissing, you should
gently stroke your lover’s upper arms, back and neck instead of rubbing the
other’s hair roughly.

5. Don’t move your tongue

The technical
content of tongue kiss is very high, and it will be full of aggressiveness if
it is not used well. Generally, when kissing, let the tips of the two people’s
tongues touch gently and intermittently. Never lick each other’s teeth with
your tongue.

6. Keep some saliva

Most women have
a slight cleanliness addiction, and if they are kissed, they will feel sick.

7. Don’t think about sex when kissing

Kiss is not a
fixed “prelude” to sex. More often, a kiss is a bridge that maintains
the emotions of two people, a signal to show intimacy, and a silent expression
of “I love you”. In marriage, partners should kiss each other from
time to time. The heart also lost further interest in lingering.

8. Close your eyes and enjoy

Vision is the
first channel through which people perceive the world. But when kissing, you
should close your eyes and use your heart to experience the tenderness of this
moment. More importantly, when kissing, the distance between each other is very
small, the shortcomings will be magnified, but not beautiful.

But in the
process of kissing, there are two points to note:

Do not kiss hard on the ears of the body

Human ears are
more sensitive, and our tympanic membrane is also relatively thin, so we
usually say not to dig out our ears. Some couples like to kiss their ears when
kissing, and some even use force. The tympanic membrane of our ears is very
thin. The impact of some external forces may cause damage to the tympanic
membrane, tinnitus and deafness, so be careful when kissing. Don’t kiss the ear
part hard, and protect it in normal Our ears are not irritated by external
forces, and we do not dig out our ears.

Do not kiss hard on the neck of the body

Kissing the neck
is probably something that every couple has done, but our neck skin is also
very thin, the capillaries under the skin are very rich, and the arteries of
the body are also distributed in the neck. Arteries are the main blood vessels
of the human body. If you kiss the neck strongly, the blood vessels may become
blocked under external pressure, the blood supply in the body is abnormal, and
the brain may be hypoxic. If the blood vessels are not cleared in time, The
harm caused to people should not be underestimated. Therefore, for the health
of both parties, try not to kiss the neck when kissing.

Reading more about kissing will
help you have a great and perfect experience in relationship, love and dating,
even in having sex.

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