Something that lovers should pay attention to in the relationship

Many people suppose if you want to gain a long-term love, you only need to tolerate and trust each other. In fact, mutual trust and tolerance are not enough. Because this only temporally stop the contradiction, but won’t fundamentally solve the problem. For example, if you tell a person who is angry stop being mad. After persuasion, his anger did dissipate, but he will hide his own emotion. As you know, holding back emotions for a long time will only make the contradictions worse, so only with controlling will the problem not be solved. Thus, which kinds of matters should be paid attention to when solving problems in a relationship?

1.When arguing, try to remind yourself to think in his perspective.

In this way, your emotions are easy to calm down and two people can avoid intense quarrels.

2.You should learn to accept the gift, and don’t refuse his kindness.

If you love money, then you should explain to him that you like gifts, and then gently persuade him not to buy them. Don’t refuse him when he hands you a gift, it will hurt his self-esteem.

3. Don’t say something heartbroken, no money means no money, don’t make yourself into debt for the sake of being strong. This will turn your love into pressure and easily lose the joy of love.

4. Don’t hit the subject’s self-esteem. As the person he trusts most, your words hurt more than others.

5. Don’t complain about how bad he is in front of others, your words will destroy his personal image. If he knows, then this will affect your relationship.

6. Learn to praise each other frequently. Because praise will heat up a relationship.

7. When he encounters setbacks or difficulties, don’t belittle him, don’t say that he is a useless person. Instead, you should encourage him and support him.

8. Love yourself more. Because only by learning to love yourself can you love each other. Because blindly giving will make two people quite tired.

9. You can treat the other person as your own little sun, but don’t use him as oxygen. You can’t live without him. Because if you continue like this, you will become susceptible to gains and losses, and you will be very suspicious, until you finally drive him away.

10. Don’t ask the subject to make changes, what you can do is guide him to make changes.

If you ask him to change in a required way, he will feel resentful towards you. Instead, you should guide him and let him make changes voluntarily instead of being forced to change.

11. Give the other party enough personal space, because loyalty will also be forced on the road of betrayal. Many betrayals are due to being pushed too tightly by the other party, and eventually the two become enemies.

12. It is best not to chat with the opposite sex for more than a week. If you keep in touch for more than a week, it will greatly increase the rate of derailment.

13. Don’t talk about “breakup” from time to time. The effect of Tito’s breakup is that it will add the word breakup in your subconscious mind. After the next conflict or quarrel, the “breakup” will be easy to blurt out. Easy to fall into a state of opening and closing.

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