Signs he wants to sleep with you

Sleep with you or love you

How to tell if
a man wants to love you? Still want to sleep with you? In fact, many women have
encountered such uninterruptible problems in their relationships. Most women
are very emotional, so in time they understand a lot of principles, and it is
difficult to find the right answer. So, how to tell if a man wants to love you? Still
want to sleep with you?

Here are a few
small points to share with you:

1. Like to date at night

Not only does he like to ask you to
go out at night, but he also chooses nearby dating places, such as near his
home, or in densely populated areas.

2. When dating, I like to have physical contact with you

When dating, he would frequently
make various physical contacts restlessly, such as: touching
the body,
holding his shoulders, touching his hands, touching his hair,
etc. Because a man who just wants to sleep with you, he generally doesn’t care
about your feelings. Therefore, he will touch you, hug you, and even kiss you
without your consent. At the same time, when you reject him, he will be
irritable or even impatient.

3. Talk about sex frequently

In terms of chat content, he will
shift from any topic to sex. He will frequently ask
you questions about sex
. For example, “Do you like sex?”
“What do you think of sex?” “I like sex very much, but I love
you, I want to hear your opinion.” Sometimes, in order to get your
consent, he Will send you some sex videos directly, and even more excessively
will send you pictures of his penis. These obviously show that he only wants to
have a relationship with you in sleep, rather than truly love you.

4. Small details in life

If the man you just met is cold
towards you, it means he doesn’t like you. However, if he loves you, then he
will desperately show his masculine charm. For example: when you are sick, he
will do his best to take care of you; when you carry luggage, he will take the
initiative to ask to help you carry your luggage; in fact, the small details in
life can obviously reflect the love of men for you Or not. If he loves you, he
will make you feel that he cares about you through the details of life. On the
contrary, if a man only wants
to have a relationship with you,
he will not waste time on the little
things in life. He can only speak sweet words to satisfy your vanity; then, he
will find a time to coax you to bed; finally, after a relationship, he will pat
his butt and leave, and will not care about the details of life at all you.

Of course, even though love is true
and false, we still have to maintain our longing and yearning for love. We
still need to be brave to find a partner in life.

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