The boy is thinking whether he should contact with his ex

green plum withers, the bamboo horse is old, since then I have loved the people
are very much like you.”

What to do when your ex contacts you? Should you reach out
to your ex? No. Don’t contact your ex after you break up.

 “Some time ago, a friend asked me whether
to contact my ex after breaking up. I said, no contact, they all said I was
dead. Casually sent the chat record screen capture to the circle of friends, I
wrote: don’t ask me such questions in the future. By the way, I added such
a unified reply: otherwise, why should I insist on making friends every day?
Just to prove that I’m still alive. It’s just a joke, but many of my friends are so gossipy that they leave messages to emphasize the
word “they”. What’s more, the boy who once chased me sent a private
message saying, “I didn’t say that you were dead.” Me: Yes, you mean
that you have achieved what you have achieved without being with me. Your
annual salary is one million yuan. You have a house and a car. It’s all
because you haven’t been with me. It’s better to say I’m dead. He:
really. I have nothing to say.

Should you contact your ex? Should you call
your ex? No, don’t contact your ex. A good
ex doesn’t contact each other frequently.

the question of whether to contact with my ex, I found
the answer on Weibo: a good ex should be like dead. I immediately admire the
five body to the ground. In the future, you are mediocre, astonishing,
gorgeous, frustrated, wind or rain, all have nothing to do with me. I can’t
find the meaning of our connection. I’m
afraid that a word out of my control will make you shake and regret, and I’m
afraid to hear you talk about her. We are different from friends after all. Friends can ask for help, eat and drink, and
you and I have known each other’s preferences and emotions. Every word of
concern goes directly to the heart. We
are also poking into the center of the pit. We are afraid that the past pain
will be uncovered by a few words, and the pain will come back to death again.
If you reappear in front of me, like the sudden snowfall in April, fluttering
in all directions, the coldness and resolution of the city, I will surely think
of the warm embrace and the warm palms. I wish I could not detain you,
abandon all the commandments and miscellaneous thoughts, and start
over again.
But I clearly know that in these years after the break-up, we all
started a new life. You have love and love, I have poetry and wine. We have
become a staggering track, and have already gone in different directions. I
have thought for countless times that if I went with you at all costs, now
maybe there are not so many tears to flow, life should be a different look.
However, the past is called the past because it has no assumption or
possibility of change. It’s a fact that we miss. It’s the end. People who have
loved hard need not say sorry. Continue to live in each others’ world, to cause
heartache or to be touched,  ,is a kind of cruelty, both to you and to me. I know we are not
wrong, but it is better for us to let it go. I may be able to forgive and
forget, but things will never be the same between us.

What to do when your ex calls you after no contact? Don’t answer the phone. And don’t contact
your ex. A good ex will teach us something to be a better person. They don’t
bother each other all the time.

The greatest significance of the existence of
predecessors is not to leave a beautiful past, but to teach us to love and be
A valuable relationship will always give us
something to gain. Ex is like a class, the test results are not satisfactory,
and it is not so terrible, after all, we know our own shortcomings and lovely.
In all inferiority can not raise the head of the moment, I often think of the
people who loved me, you see, such a small and ordinary me, have been hurt to
the bone, some people ask me porridge can warm, some people stand with me at
dusk, I think I am not particularly bad. Single for a long time, will become
selfish and mean. And When I’m with you I also carefully want to guard you,
originally I am not really indifferent. Love, let us learn to pay and
understand. Being loved makes us confident and optimistic. This
is the most precious souvenir you left me in the journey of the same company.
Good predecessors, will let us become better people, can not be with you, I
will strive to be like you, will be your kind and honest, all into my channels,
this is the evidence and significance of our love. But ah, ex, it’s not
supposed to be our standard. The city is full of traffic, thousands of homes
hazy, I have not met a person, such as you in general. It’s not that you are
unique, but that everyone in the world is unique. I will meet people in the
future, will have his unique good, never change. Therefore, it is better to cherish the present as well as to become a better self in the process of pain and
introspection, so as to live up to the meeting.

you have the best of your life and be sincere and kind.

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