should I stop contact my ex who dumped me? 5 reasons give to you

She is hesitating whether stop contact with her ex

Most couples will feel sad after breaking up, and will hesitate to delete each other’s contact information or
exercise. Many girls also want to know
broke up with me will he come back?”
In fact, there is no
need to
stop contact my ex who dumped me breaking up. This article tells you 5 reasons in relationship
break up advice

1. After breaking up, the more disconnected, the more

After breaking up, there is no need
to disconnect. Psychologically speaking, the more a person forces oneself not
to do one thing, the deeper the matter will be printed in the mind. Every time
one asks oneself, it is implying oneself to remember, the more forced oneself,
the more counterproductive. From another point of view, after breaking up, you
may not be unable to contact. It is common for couples to quarrel and break up.
This does not mean that the relationship between you has been broken because of
the breakup. Up. Especially when you are not ready, you must not use
disconnection to force yourself to leave a loved one.

2. After breaking up, the disconnection completely
blocked the chance of recovery

Sometimes love is very complicated,
mixed with many factors to lead to this step of breaking up. When your heart
has not completely let go of the other party, and you are not sure that the
other party has let go of you, disconnection will only make the other party
mistakenly think that you have no feelings for him. At this time, if the other
party wants to recover, but can’t contact you, and finally muster the courage
to try, but find that they have been blacked out, it will undermine the
enthusiasm of the other party, and the other party will think that you don’t
want to be disturbed anymore, and then disconnect . It’s because I don’t love
anymore, so I’m so cruel and determined.

3. After breaking up, choose to disconnect, it is
better to choose to calm yourself

Sometimes the end of a relationship
break up due to the small conflicts that usually accumulate, but for a person who
is not at peace, the
breakup may also be blurted out. This is
common for couples who experience the sweet period of love. . Once a
relationship enters the dormant period, you will get tired of the other person,
just like when a person is very tired, they want to take a nap, which can be
regarded as a supplement to oneself. If love is like this, after a sweet
period, each other is a little tired of aesthetics.

At this time, it is easy to find the
shortcomings of the other party, but there are many unacceptable points. They
may quarrel and feel unhappy. The accumulation of these small contradictions
will cause couples to
break up during the “sleeping
period”. But in fact, when I calmed down, I realized that I was not
unacceptable at all. It was just a change of mentality and lack of tolerance
for the other party. Therefore, after the beginning of the
breakup, don’t rush to disconnect, calm down and give each other some time, and
re-examine the relationship, whether there is really no way to continue.
Perhaps because of some small actions of the other party, you will soon forgive
the other party, and you will not regret that you missed the person you love
the most in your life.

People always feel sad when they
lose something they like, especially the sense of security brought about by
feelings, and people who are anxious to disconnect are often more afraid of
losing someone, and the more they force themselves not to think about it. Miss
more. If it were you, would you choose to delete the contact information of the
other party
after breaking up and stop contact ex?

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