Sex skills for ladies to have a happy sex life

 For women,
sex without orgasm is boring. Women also have to have their own assassins, only
in this way can men be truly loyal to
He will not think about other women. So, what sex skills must women learn?

1. Warm atmosphere

Before you start
having sex, you need to put all the
things you need for sex around the bed,
such as condoms, oils, towels, and a large bottle of lemon water to quench your
thirst. In this way, in addition to thinking about how to enjoy sex, you don’t
have to worry too much, and you don’t have to press the “pause”
button to find
some trivial things.

2. Common passion

When making
love, men always seem impatient, then you might as well let him temporarily
cool down from his blind passion. Experts suggest you: Tell him your rhythm, he
can match you
and you will have a more harmonious sex.

3. Love each other with face to face

“The face
is the
most sensual part of the body,” a sexologist said: “Don’t begrudge the
caressing of his face. Use your fingers to slide the other person’s nose, as
well as his cheeks and lips, so he can feel It’s your deep love.” Maybe
you like to do some new things, but those who can’t see the face of the other
party are actually not lucky.

4. Eye contact

Of course you
can close your eyes when making love and enjoy sex. However, if you open your
eyes at the same time and stare into each other’s eyes, then you will find that
this is a common experience.

5. The details are considerate

When making
love, your hands need to be tightly clasped, or you can fiddle with his eyes
and caress what you usually ignore. As the sexologist said: “Intimacy does
not mean just touching his sexual organs. You can create many unique ways of
intimacy. For example, some couples rub their eyelashes on each other’s cheeks, which is
playful and sweet.”

6. Go crazy together

Exploring some
ways of making love that neither of you have tried can make your relationship
closer. In this kind of exploration, your trust in each other is growing, and
you can grow together in sex skills.

7. Exchange roles

Normally, if he
always takes the initiative to attack, then you should switch roles! Tonight,
you should take the initiative and surrender him obediently. You know, he
allows you to bully yourself, this is the process of building great trust
between you.

8. Eliminate fear

Forget the excessive
that linger in your heart! For example, my breasts are too small! I am not as good as his predecessor!
These annoying things will only greatly reduce your sexual desire, so you
should shout a stop to unnecessary thoughts . The sexologist even joked:
“When you are the only naked woman in the bedroom, you are the sexiest in
his eyes.”

9. Outdoor sex

When doing
housework, when shopping in the supermarket, when walking together, you can
show his love
unexpectedly: for example, massaging
his cheeks, gently pinching his thighs, pinching his earlobes… is a kind of
Endless love game.

10. Stay in touch

Try to always
have physical contact with him during sex, such as when you switch positions
and you are still close together. This small change can
make sex more moving.

11. Suspend your appetite

Before making
love, abstain from sex. Set rules, you can only “visit” each other,
not close contact, this process only takes a few minutes. Yes, do you feel his
temperature and breathing? You
will feel a tempting warmth around you, but because you can’t touch it, you are very
painful, but also very tempted.

Hope these
techniques will not only make your sex more hot, but also make your
love sweeter.

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