What is your ideal wedding photo?

My ideal wedding photo should reflect our daily life with each other.

And the wedding ceremony should be held on the outside place with a fresh air and green grass.

And the  ideal wedding is to separate the ceremony from the banquet. For outdoor weddings, you want the design of flowers, iron art, and balloons, a warm band, and a relaxed host with good friends. We will make a handover ceremony under the witness of everyone, we will tell each other our feelings about love and marriage, we will hand over the ring, and solemnly say that I am willing to love you with me. I have not thought about the person who gave the ring, but It must be important enough to fit our emphasis on the wedding. There will only be a wedding wish song, and she will give out the hand-held part. The outdoor ceremony will not be very long. We will fly the balloons together and wish the rest of our lives happy.

 After dressing and returning to the indoor wedding banquet, the stage will also be carefully arranged, beautiful and romantic, the logo only has our initials and date, we will go on stage and dance a dance, I want to go back to practice for a long time. We will invite the parents, give them a surprise, a gratitude, and then invite mom and dad to speak, and then everyone toasted together.

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