What are the scariest real life pictures?

Scare or not? Hope the last one can give you a meaning

  1. Smile Dog

2. Swarms?

3. Dead Bodies without skins

Following photos are from some great artists.

4. Edward Munch is Norway’s most famous painter. “Scream” is his most famous work. The anxious expression in the painting left a deep impression on the public. Jean-Paul Mara was a beacon of the French Revolution. Because of skin diseases, Mara spent most of the time in the bath. This is where he wrote and was also used by the female assassin Charlotte Cordy. (Charlotte Corday) The place of assassination. The death of Mara has been depicted several times, but Munch’s version is the bloodiest.



7. Shriveled head research mask

8. the Raft of the Medusa

9. Black Lung

The black object in the picture is the lung of a 52-year-old man. He was brain-dead and donated his lungs. The pictures were circulating on the Internet, and everyone was surprised. In our body, the breathing lungs actually look like this. Of course not everyone’s lungs grow like this. It is reported that the owner of the lung has 30 years of smoking age.

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