Part I secrets of vagina parts

she knows secrets of vagina parts

As a woman,
how much do you know about your most “private” part? “She”
is always a woman’s little secret, and sometimes I just feel embarrassed to say
it. In fact, in order to better health and wellness, we need to pay more
attention to the health of the private parts of the body and
vaginal cyst. Part I secrets of vagina parts.
1: The natural defense
barrier of the
The labia minora on both sides of the vulva are
often closed and closed, and the front and back walls of the vagina are closely
attached to each other,
forming a natural defense barrier.
2: The vagina will also “peel”
Vaginal epithelial cells can undergo periodic
changes and fall off under the influence of estrogen, which is a natural
The pH of the
vagina is between 3.8
and 4.5

Due to the action of normal bacteria, the pH of
this space is maintained at a pH between 3.8 and 4.5, so that most pathogenic
bacteria adapted to survive in an alkaline environment cannot grow and multiply
4: hating
leucorrhea is also a ” holy hand”

Because of the presence of leucorrhea, foreign
pathogens cannot survive in the vagina, so that the vagina is safe. It is
called vaginal self-cleaning effect in medicine. This
self-cleaning effect actually
benefits from a large number of beneficial
bacteria in the vagina-vaginal bacilli. This bacterium can convert glycogen
contained in the keratinized epithelial cells in the vaginal wall into lactic
acid, thereby inhibiting harmful bacteria that invade the vagina. Vaginal
bacilli cannot grow in a dry environment and must be moist to thrive. The
vaginal discharge just moistens the vagina, which promotes vaginal bacilli and
maintains the self-cleaning effect of the vagina. It can be seen that normal
leucorrhea is not superfluous, and the view that leucorrhea is very dirty and
needs “cleaning Yin” is wrong.
5: The vagina has a self-cleaning function
“Various glands in the vagina can secrete some
fluids to lubricate and clean the vagina.” Lisa Stein, a registered senior
nurse in Los Angeles, introduced. It should be noted that excessive cleaning of the vagina while bathing will
wash away those natural lubricants and probiotics, causing anaerobic bacteria
and mold to multiply, leading to abnormal secretion, odor and itching.
Therefore, flush the vulva instead of intravaginal douche.
6: The vagina secretes 1.55 grams of fluid in 8 hours
Women during childbearing period, the vaginal
discharge weighs about 1.55 grams every 8 hours. “If the labia is more
pronounced, there will be more mucus,” Beverly Whipple said. “The
color of the discharge varies. In most cases, the vaginal discharge is white,
and will turn slightly yellow when it dries. If the secretion turns green when
wet, or if you feel burning or itching
in your private parts
, and the secretion smells fishy, you need to go to
the hospital for examination as soon as possible.”
7: Under sexual
stimulation, the
vagina will

Under normal conditions, the average length of the
vagina is 8.5 cm-12 cm. “After
being sexually stimulated
, the vagina will deform and double its original
size.” Adequate foreplay can further expand the “volume” of the
vagina and increase the sexual experience.
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