Part I How to get your ex back paragraph by chatting?

she lied on his shoulder and know how to get your ex back paragraph by chatting

How to get your ex back paragraph by
In the process of recovering the ex-boyfriend, many girls
always dare not speak, they will not speak, but they are too late to say a word
in the process of recovering the former man. In the recovery process, it is
very important to master the correct way of chatting. So what should we do in
the restoration process?
How to get your ex back paragraph by chatting?

1. A calm and
peaceful start

to get your ex back paragraph
by chatting?
According to the
“Ciconia effect”, people always have a sense of desire and interest
in unfinished and unobtainable things. If you show too much enthusiasm and
diligence at first, it will make the other party lose interest in you quickly.
No desire to continue communication. It will also make you lose your attraction
to the other party.

On the other hand, recovery is originally a process of
remedying contradictions. Excessive eagerness will make him naturally shirk all
the faults of the breakup
and subconsciously shirk it on you. Therefore, in
any case, you should not be too eager to restore the initial stage.

How to get your ex back paragraph by chatting? We can calm down
our attitude and start with some very daily and colloquial greetings as the
beginning of ice breaking. For example, the holiday greetings mixed in the
circle of friends, make some relaxed teasing and communication under the other
party’s daily dynamics, and make a simple greeting when meeting. Let the
unfamiliar relationship reconnect with each other, but don’t expose your
willingness to reconcile to him.

2. Choose the
right topic

How to get your ex back paragraph by chatting? When
the relationship between the
two parties got rid of the initial
embarrassment, they can try to push the topic further. Gradually increase the
depth of communication, thereby promoting the warming of the relationship
between the two parties. The choice of topic is also a hard-hit area that is
prone to problems. Countless people have exhausted the remaining goodwill of
the other party because of the failure of topic selection, so that the
remaining chances of redemption slip away from their fingers.
How to get your ex back paragraph by

are three types of problems
most frequently encountered in topic selection:

1. Forcibly ask
about the other recent situation
: how have you been recently?

No matter how the other party answers, it will quickly
lead to cold

2. Forced the
other side to state:
Is there really no chance between us?

How to get your ex back paragraph by chatting? Many people think
that the resumption of communication means that the problem has passed, and they
are eager to force the other party to express their views. They do not know
that this will only make the two parties more embarrassed, and the emotional
transition to the icebreaking period will quickly lose stability.

3. Recall the
emotional journey of the past:
when we didn’t break up… Do you remember?

Recalling the past can evoke good memories, but this is
an absolute taboo in the recovery process. As long as you start to recall, you
will inevitably recall the contradictions and conflicts of the breakup. This
behavior is tantamount to digging your own grave.

4. Forcibly cater
to the other party’s hobbies:
I am also very interested in the
movie/game/sports/actor you mentioned!

Remember, unless you really know and are familiar with
it, don’t touch the other person’s hobbies with your own flimsy cognition. This
will not only not trigger good feelings, but will be self-defeating and leave a
bad impression in the other’s heart.

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