My girlfriend wants a break! 3 Steps to get her back!

The man gets his girlfriend back

Feelings are like springs. If you are strong, they are
weak, and if you are weak, they are strong. When your girlfriend
wants to break up
, you may not be able to control your
emotions, and you will continue to ask the other party to admit your mistakes,
apologize, and recover. Especially in a good relationship or marriage, most
boys are prone to impulsiveness, recklessness, and even pain and sadness when
they hear their girlfriends want to break up. In fact, we all know what does taking
a break mean. If your girlfriend really wants to break up, what do you need to

1. Withdraw

When the girlfriend wants a break, the emotions of both parties were at an explosive extreme. At this
time, the boys will definitely do their best to apologize and restore the other
party. However, think about it from another angle, the negative emotions of the
girlfriend have not subsided at this time. If you keep talking a lot to save
the other person, then you will accelerate the breakdown of the relationship.
In fact, all you need at this moment is to calm down, pull away appropriately,
and give each other a calm thinking time.

If you are
really stalking, for example: frequently calling, sending messages and bombing,
and even going to nearby people’s homes or units to chase and block, then this
will only increase her boredom of you. This will make your girlfriend think you
are a scary person. On the contrary, a calm and appropriate withdrawal is the
best way. During this period, you need to calm down, examine yourself
objectively, and think about the reasons for the breakdown of your

2. Learn to change

What I
want to emphasize is the role of sexual attraction, which is the most important
part of the relationship between the sexes. If your girlfriend wants a break, you may
unconsciously fall into the vicious circle of questioning yourself; then, you
will not be able to control your emotions, thinking that multiple contacts,
unprincipled confession and apology
will improve your relationship
. But in fact, this will only expose your
negative energy. Therefore, you should increase your value infinitely within a
limited time. Many boys feel at a loss in changing this aspect.

fact, change is that you need to improve yourself. You have to give the other
person hope, let her feel that she has the hope of spending the rest of her
life with you in the future. Then she will remove her defenses and touch you
again. According to evolutionary psychology, when a person is attracted to
another person, it is actually attracted to the other person’s survival and
reproduction value. You can learn a special hobby, transform your appearance,
reshape the way and style of life, take a trip with friends, and make yourself

3. Learn to repair
strong relationships

relationships, do you often fight? Then quarrel, your feelings will gradually
fade. Later, for girlfriend wants a break, you will feel inexplicably different. In
fact, at this time, all you need to do is to understand the way of getting
along and communicating with each other. You need to understand professional
gender knowledge, learn to mend relationships, and resolve rifts in relationships.
After all, no one is born to fall in love, and don’t take it seriously.
Checking out the missing is the key! Actively learning the skills of getting
along with the sexes, or asking experienced friends, can solve some of the
contradictions in your relationship.

have found that if girlfriends want to break up, whether the relationship between men and
women is stable after breaking up depends on whether they have a “Growth Mindset”.
People with this mentality think that things can be changed; emotional
stability lies in their own efforts, and they will learn to solve problems in
the relationship with their own hands, so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

your last effort, your girlfriend still
wants to break up with you. Although you will be in a sad state for a while, you should learn to
let go. If you work hard and your relationship still cannot be stable, then you
have not met the right partner. At this time, I
suggest you try to meet different people and make different friends through BL.

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