she knows men with intimacy issues

Traditional concepts have always put the hat of the
strong on the head of a man. With a halo, men have become the pillars of
society and family, and they are silently burdened by pressure from all sides.
With the increasingly fierce competition in modern society and the continuous
acceleration of the pace of life, the pressure on men is also increasing with i
ntimacy issues in marriage and men with intimacy issues.

The indomitable aura and the strong hat make men like a
sea of suffering, and more and more men feel physically and mentally
exhausted. Overwhelmed, male reproductive health problems have become
increasingly prominent
older man younger woman relationship issues.

Man, do you really understand your body? How much do you
know about male reproductive health?

1. Health issues

At present, prostate disease has become the number one
killer of men’s health. It is more
common in young men
and has a high incidence. When the prostate is inflamed
and enlarged, urination and ejaculation are blocked, which easily damages the
kidneys, leading to chronic nephritis, and even uremia. If not treated in time,
it can lead to prostate hyperplasia.

2. Disharmony
between the sexes

The harmony of the sexes is the glue of marriage, and the
disharmony of the sexes is the catalyst for divorce! With the aging of the
population, changes in lifestyle and diet, the incidence of male prostate
disease, partial testosterone deficiency in middle-aged and elderly men, male
sexual dysfunction, and sexually transmitted diseases are all on the rise. Only
sexual dysfunction is 40. The incidence rate in the 70-year-old age group is as
high as 60%, and the total loss of function is 15%, which has become one of the
main reasons for men’s health and happiness.

3. Anti-aging

Various data in recent years have
shown that the
age of sexual aging is much earlier than in the late 1980s.
Menopausal symptoms that originally appeared before the age of 60 have appeared
in men around the age of 40. As the male group’s life and work pressure
increases As more and more men enter menopause early, men’s life expectancy is
shortening, and men’s health is under more threats, which is worrying. The harm
of sexual dysfunction 1. Affect the relationship between husband and wife 2.
Cause disease 3. Affect fertility 4. Affect career.

After reading these, do you still think you don’t need
reproductive maintenance?

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