Master 5 skills to gain orgasm easily!

she is watching BL message in sex relationships

Sex is a matter for two people. If you want to have a high-quality
perfect sex, and if you want to know how to fuck a girl good,
then both of you must work together to achieve the pleasure and
satisfaction of orgasm at the same time. Many women
cant orgasm
during sex
, they may think should I wait
for him or move on
. So, how can men better
make women achieve orgasm?

What if it is difficult to achieve orgasm? Master 5 skills
to have an orgasm easily!

1. Don’t suppress some of your thoughts about sex, and bravely put forward some of your sexual requirements to your partner.
Only when the husband and wife can reach a tacit understanding can they
their sex.
You must not be forced to use cold violence. You can kiss or hug
her and give her a certain degree of tenderness.

2. Never bring the negative energy pressure encountered in work and life
to the other party, as this will affect the
passion of sex. To learn to overcome your own negative emotions and negative attitudes,
you can calm down and meditate, or exercise your body to release stress, or
find a friend to talk about your psychological troubles. After all the pressure
on the body is released, the quality of sex life can be better and it is easier
to achieve orgasm.

3. Both spouses can discuss more
of sex. If you always keep
a posture, it is easy to make people feel bored. Both spouses can try to do
some new postures to keep their freshness, and to face sexual problems
correctly, don’t think it is a shameful thing. Only when both spouses express
their thoughts can they proceed. One-step decision.

4. During sex, you should try more sex. Generally, women’s breasts, inner thighs, ears and neck are sensitive
areas. Male friends can kiss more. When having sex, female friends may as well
put their hands on the man’s waist to assist in thrusting, which can reduce
their pressure and
improve the quality of sexual life.

5. Both spouses can try to use other adult products in sex. If women want to get sexual stimulation, they can use female-specific
adult products to increase sensitivity. If the male sexual function is not very
good, you can use delayed products, but you must choose a regular big brand. In
addition, you can also try to use a vibrator or vibrating egg to help improve

You can achieve orgasm through the above five skills, but the husband and
wife must cooperate with each other. The emotional harmony between husband and
wife directly determines the quality of sex, so it is necessary to communicate
and communicate with each other to ease the tension between them in time.
Generally, the time for women to reach orgasm is about ten seconds later than
men. Therefore, you must
take good care of women
during sex, so that men can ejaculate after women reach orgasm.

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