love is blind quiz. 3 notes you deserve

they are kissing for blind love

Gilbert once said: “Love is a
platform on which all kinds of people gather.” Different people have
different feelings about love and different ideas, and the final love will be
different. Even so, each of us has the same expectation of love, which is
happiness and longevity.
Happy and long-lasting love is beautiful, and it is what
we all want to have, but on the road to this happiness, two people also need to
put in more effort and persistence.
Love is blind quiz.

Love is not taken for granted. If someone loves you, it does not mean that
he will always love you. There is no one in this world who has to love you, and
it is not whoever leaves who can’t survive in love. The love of each other is
constantly changing in the process of getting along with each other. If a woman
doesn’t understand this, maybe after the man changes his heart, she still
doesn’t know what’s wrong with this
So remind women:
how to make him miss you and
is a problem for you. Don’t wait until men change their hearts to
understand these
3 notes you deserve.

01 Love is most taboo to be
unconditionally satisfied

Gao Naiyi said: “Once the love is satisfied, the charm of others is
gone.” We often hear people say that when you fall in love with someone,
you should give unconditionally and consider everything for the other person.
This kind of love is Selflessness is willing to give. It’s just that this kind
of talk is too one-sided, and to talk about giving without preconditions is a
kind of ignorance. Imagine that if paying for love is a unilateral act, and
there is no return after paying, will such love be happy? Will there be
results? In the end, it was still alone. The more you love someone, the more
you are afraid of losing, and the more you are afraid of losing, you will do
everything possible to treat him well and pay for him. The request made by the
other party is unconditionally met. Women think that as long as they do well
enough, men will not leave themselves, let alone leave. As everyone knows, in
love, the most taboo thing is to satisfy each other unconditionally. Once a
woman does this, the man will change his heart sooner or later, and the woman
should stop being stupid.

02 Love is not
everything to one person

Joe Byron once said:
“Love is nothing but a thing outside the body for men, but the whole life
for women.” And
reasons I love my wife I know. The most feared thing in love
is that I have you in my future, but I can only be the past for you. It is
difficult for two people with different views of love to get together. Even if
they love each other now, it will be difficult to see two people in the future.
We often say that marriage is a woman’s second life, so many women try their
best to change their life direction. When I meet a man I love very much, I can
easily fall into love and cannot extricate myself, and I believe that this man
is the rest of my life. Women treat men as their everything and love as the
only thing in life, and think that men will treat themselves the same way. Even
if they don’t, women will continue to convince themselves. However, the
consequence of this is that women’s love will make men feel that it is natural
and cheap, so how can they know how to cherish it? The change of heart is
naturally expected.

03 No matter how good the love
is, you must constantly improve yourself

Chernyshevsky once said: “The meaning of love is to help each other
improve, but also to improve oneself.” In love, the best gift to each
other is to make yourself better. Love is most afraid of blindness. Once some
women meet love, they don’t care about it, just love, hold on to love, and hold
on to that man. I spent all my time on the man, but I had already ignored

Some women will say, “He is gone, I have nothing, and life is
meaningless.” When a woman loses her love, she will say, “He is gone,
and life is meaningless.” Why do they have such negative thoughts? It is
because they have never left for themselves. Forget about yourself. If a woman
falls in love with a man, she also knows how to love herself. For this love,
she will constantly improve her abilities and make herself better. How can a
man leave such a woman? Even if the man leaves, the woman will not be so sad,
because such a good woman is worth meeting a better man. No matter when, women
should have this kind of consciousness,
don’t wait until men change
their hearts to understand.

Shakespeare said: “Love is not sweet words in the shade of flowers,
not honey words in a peach blossom field, not light tears, nor hard-hearted
force. Love is based on a common language.” In love, women We should know
how to balance the relationship between love and self, and we should also
understand that love is based on equality and respect. A woman, only to make
herself better, have her own thoughts, and not regard love as the whole life,
can she not suffer from gains and losses in love, and worry that a man will
change his heart one day.

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