they are worring about issues on side effects of contraceptive pills

I use regular birth control pills as emergency contraception?
The emergency contraceptive pill is a
contraceptive method used by many women. It is safer and has a higher success
rate. But there are many
issues on side effects of contraceptive pills.

Some are suitable for use as a conventional method of
contraception, and some are suitable for
emergency contraceptive pill. Taking
contraceptives is not a simple matter. It is necessary to understand the
related problems of contraceptives in advance, and do not enter some
misunderstandings, otherwise it will not only fail to contraceptives, but also
affect the health of women.

What are the common questions about birth control pills? Can I use regular birth control pills
as emergency contraception?

1. Take emergency contraceptive pill to gain weight

Many women feel that there are a lot of hormones in
contraceptives, and long-term oral contraceptives will make people gain weight.
In fact, with the advancement of medical standards, the hormones in
contraceptives are no longer as high as the original contraceptives, and will
not cause women to gain weight. However, different women may have some
differences. Some women’s physique is the physique of taking birth control
pills to get fat. At this time, you
can choose other
contraceptive methods.

2. Taking emergency contraceptive pill will cause infertility

I use regular birth control pills as emergency contraception?
contraceptives is a relatively common method of contraception. Short-acting
oral contraceptives are safer and will not cause great harm to human health. On
the contrary, they may prevent some diseases. Oral contraceptives do not affect
women’s fertility. As long as they are planning to become pregnant, they can
prepare for pregnancy after stopping the drug for more than three months.

3. Is the
oral contraceptive pill better
or the long-acting
oral contraceptive pill better?

Short-acting oral contraceptives and long-acting oral
contraceptives have similar ingredients, but one needs to be taken every day,
while the other is taken once a month. Although it seems that long-acting
oral contraceptive pills are more
convenient, in fact long-acting
oral contraceptive pill contain
particularly high hormones, which will affect women’s menstruation and bring a
lot of uncomfortable feelings to women, so they have now withdrawn from the
stage of history. Short-acting
oral contraceptive pill have
become the mainstream of

4. Can emergency contraceptive pill be taken often?

I use regular birth control pills as emergency contraception?
The emergency
contraceptive pill can be seen from the name, it is only used as a remedy for
failed pregnancy or no contraception. It is not suitable for regular
consumption. If it is used as a conventional method of contraception, it will
bring great harm to women’s health, affect women’s endocrine system, and affect
women’s gynecological health. Emergency contraceptives cannot be taken
continuously, and it is best not to take them more than twice a year.

5. Can emergency contraceptive pill cause cancer?

Nowadays, many people still have a lot of prejudice
against contraceptives. They think that they are three-point poison. Taking
contraceptives for a long time will definitely affect people’s health. In fact,
oral contraceptives can effectively reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer, and
can also reduce the probability of endometrial cancer. He
does not cause serious harm
to human health as people imagine, on the
contrary, he can also regulate menstruation. However, if you have endocrine
diseases or some other diseases, you should consult a doctor before taking the
medicine to see if your current physical condition is suitable for
contraception using this method. Especially when you need to take this
contraceptive for a long time, you should seek the guidance of a doctor.

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