Is he pulling away or breaking up? 7 signs tell you

they are dancing because he doesn't think Is he pulling away or breaking up?

Is he pulling away or breaking up? In fact, falling
in love and breaking up do not conflict, because falling in love and getting
along are essentially two different things. When you are with him or her, you
are attracted by the shining points of the other party, and you are separated
from him or her because there is an irreconcilable conflict in your relationship.

All the pain in
life is essentially out of anger towards one’s incompetence. Fall in love, but
can’t solve those entangled problems around the two people, so they can only
separate. Most girls have a contradictory question: Will he abandon me or break
up with me?
he pulling away or breaking up?
In summary, the 7 signs tell you that caused a
long-term relationship to fall apart are the following.

1. Balance

breakup caused by
balance is divided into two situations. One is the
unbalanced investment, and the two people are always in a state of unequal pay
in the relationship, which needs to be maintained by the continuous pay of one.
A kind of unbalanced concept, a typical case is the virgin complex. The initial
passion period of love concealed the shortcomings of the inconsistency of the
three views of the two parties, but as they get along, this contradiction
deepens and leads to a breakup.

2. Communication

Is he pulling away or breaking up? The original
intimate feelings are consumed in daily trivial disputes. Facing the
contradictions in life, they cannot coordinate or understand communication. Men
cannot see the subtext of women, and
women prefer to express emotions
rather than put contradictions. Speaking
out on the stage, feelings were constantly consumed in the dispute, and finally
broke up.

3. Dependence

One party’s sense
of dependence is much greater than that of the other party. He always feels
that the other party doesn’t love himself and doesn’t take the initiative to
contact himself. Both parties are very tired to get along. This situation
occurs more often when one party is still in school (relatively idle) and the
other party is working (relatively busy).

4. Trust

he pulling away or breaking up
Security is the core vocabulary in a
long-term relationship. Since there is not enough attention and feedback to
each other’s emotions, mutual trust cannot be achieved. Or maybe there is a
third party involved in feelings, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

5. Offsite

Two places or even
two time zones, the long distance and the different circles make the two hearts
gradually move away, less and less resonant, and gradually indifferent.

6. Family

Love is a matter
of two people, but
marriage is a combination
of two families. The opposition of the other’s
parents, and the lovers of attributes can easily make a relationship fall

7. The future

Is he pulling away or breaking up? Love cannot be
material, but you must face the reality. Many campus romances ended up with no
results because the two people lacked expectations for the future and gradually
lost confidence in each other under the pressure of reality and broke up. As
with the above seven keywords, if there is a problem with one of them, it may
only cause flaws in the relationship between two people, and may not lead to a
breakup. If two or more of them have problems, they will basically fall apart.

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