Is he pulling away or breaking up? 50 tips for you

she doesn't think is he pulling away or breaking up

I don’t love anymore, but I love each other. I have loved
each other. I don’t want to force the other party to break up, and I don’t want
to push all the sins on him. The last protection for him is decisiveness, and I
don’t want him to retain hope, as it will only suffer longer.
Is he pulling
away or breaking up
? 50 tips for you

Injured him 1,000 and
hurt me 500, but knowing that he is more painful than me, so I am not qualified
to be sad. When I am free, I still miss him, and I know that he misses me all
the time. It seems that if a close person is missing, he will suddenly cry. I
will be relieved, and finally I don’t have to say that I love him against my
conscience, and I don’t have to feel guilty for forgetting to reply to the

Will think of many good things before, and begin to
forget his shortcomings. So does he choose to leave or break up? Here are some
things you must know about breaking up:
Is he pulling away or breaking up?

1. I have never had a
nickname, either a dog or a silly dog.

2. Moments of friends
did not take
the initiative to disclose me.

3. At my request, I was
made public in Moments, and finally deleted.

4. Will not take the
initiative to find you.

5. Will not bear your
temper, and later scold you for being sick.

6. There are
contradictions in quarrels, but he is cold and can’t solve them.

7. The only time I
offered to apologize.

8. The girl’s early work
is not only due to her alone.

9. One time before I
took you to dinner, I didn’t take you to eat cheap meals.

10. Is he pulling
away or breaking up?
Never reflect on your

11. Like to impose
problems on girls.

12. After being with me,
chat with other girls every day.

13. After confirming the
relationship with me, I told other girls that I had no match.

14. Will not take the
initiative to help you carry the bag.

15. See your eyes are
out of light.

16. Stop talking with
you, no more chatting.

17. You find that the
topic is always what you are looking for.

18. You feel that you
are becoming more and more humble.

19. You begin to pay
attention to every word and symbol he said.

20. Is he pulling away or breaking up? You gradually lose
yourself and doubt yourself.

21. When not together,
it is easy to suffer from gains and losses.

22. You always feel that
you are not good enough.

23. The number of times
you praise you is getting less and less.

24. Did not take the
initiative to show
you his friends or something.

25. During the conflict
period during the Cold War, he will not come to you.

26. Don’t talk if there
is a problem, and follow other girls’ Weibo.

27. When chasing me,
chatting under the comments of girls on Weibo.

28. WeChat has two
accounts and Weibo has two.

29. Every time he wants
to see his cell phone, he gets nervous.

30. Is he pulling away or breaking up? Will slowly brainwash
you, sleep with him and so on.

31. Meet
for the first time,
take me to see a private movie.

32. When we first met,
she kissed me twice.

33. Implied expression,
he spends a lot of money.

34. If there is a
problem, you can solve it yourself.

35. You resolved to ask
him, and he said that you nag like a meeting.

36. Slowly find it
difficult to communicate with him.

37. When he started to
be impatient with you, he called you abusive.

38. Never take the initiative to say I love you, miss you or anything.

39. Will not take the
initiative to call and play video.

40. Is he pulling away or breaking up? When you said breaking
up, he agreed without hesitation.

41. Friends and
roommates said that you are not as happy as before.

42. If we have been
together for less than three months, we should only meet six times.

43. In addition to
meeting, the remaining time is prone to gains and losses.

44. Because he doesn’t
take the initiative to look for you, he will get sulking.

45. After being with
him, sometimes
negative energy.

47. I want to find him,
but I am afraid that he will be annoying.

48. In the few days before
breaking up, the tone was obviously impatient.

49. How proud I was

50. Is he pulling away or breaking up? In order for him to bow
his head and admit his mistakes many times, he never reflects on himself.

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