Is he pulling away or breaking up? 5 behaviors of men

he is looking at her for not pulling away or breaking up

Many, many people who want to redeem, including many and many consultants,
have ignored this point. As a result, all your actions have been completely
shelved outside the scope of the other party’s “consideration” and
blocked by a solid wall. In this way, All your actions will be useless, is
it possible to recover
? Next, let’s analyze, what behavior will make the
other party feel emotional towards you and build a wall? Is he pulling away or breaking up? 5
behaviors of men

1. Frequent contact, seeking reconciliation

Frequent contact and seeking
reconciliation is a mistake that girls will make after a breakup. They keep
sending WeChat and making calls, but the content of the communication is
actually just a few over and over.

2. Threats and extreme behaviors

he pulling away or breaking up?
This method of
salvation is actually the most unwise, and it is also the most emotionally
harmful way to two people. For example, personal threats, either threaten the
other person to harm him if he doesn’t get back together, or threaten the other
person to hurt him if he doesn’t get back together, or even go to the other
person’s home. The company intercepted downstairs. This very irrational way is
often done in extreme emotional states. Once you do this, it will only make the
other person think that you are indeed an extremely terrifying person, and he
will only be glad that breaking up with you is too right. The choice!

3. Moral kidnapping

kidnapping is also a
common way to recover from mistakes. Girls are very
unwilling to break up, so they keep complaining to each other: “How much
have I paid for you, what have I done for you, you broke up with me, you Are
you responsible? Do you have a conscience?” Feelings are a matter of
conscience. If you pay, the other party will definitely pay. After breaking up,
it doesn’t make sense to discuss who pays more and who pays less. It will only
make yourself look immature.

4. Continue to output negative emotions

he pulling away or breaking up? The continuous
transmission of negative emotions is also one of the common reasons for the
other party to build walls. The tears offensive after the breakup, keep telling
the other party how painful you are after the breakup, how gloomy your life is
without him, can’t walk, can’t sleep every night, can’t eat. Generally, the
psychology of girls who
use this method is mostly to use the other’s
sympathy and guilt to restore their feelings, but in the eyes of the other
party, they actually want to restore him.

5. Loss of trust

Loss of trust is easy to understand.
Maybe you two have been dissatisfied with your shortcomings and mistakes more than
once during the process of getting along. You have pointed out your problems
many times, and you have promised that you will correct them. , But the error
recurs, no improvement, the other party no longer trusts you, and can’t
continue to tolerate it, so he chooses to break up.

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