Is he pulling away or breaking up? 3 points you should know

he is pulling away or breaking up

In the third second after breaking up, I started to miss her, and wanted
to send her a message saying, “I miss you.” I did post it too. Later,
I kept sending “I was wrong, I know I was wrong, you come back and we can
start again…” “I feel bad now, are you really so heartless…”
“Please give me another chance”” I will wait for you, I only
like you”…
Is he pulling away or breaking up?

I also know that I should not send
messages to my ex after a breakup. The best separation is: “One is not two
wide, and each is happy.” Broken
connections are the least ought to be done
. I constantly put pressure on
the other party. I think she will feel relieved, she used to like me so much.
However, she did not. This is as it should be, she left directly, leaving me
where I was, I just can’t stand it.

Selfishness is not too embarrassing to admit. After a breakup, there is
nothing wrong with trying to find each other. Just don’t say that you are for
each other in the name of love. We just lost our beloved and want to kidnap our
old feelings as emotions. Isn’t it just to make the other person feel soft when
he always says how much he loves and gives, or desperately kneels and licks? Is he pulling away or breaking up? 3
points you should know.

Is he pulling away or breaking up? What is the most correct approach when you think “Is
he pulling away or breaking up?” ?

1. If you don’t want to save it,
don’t send a message to the other party. The best ex is to disappear completely
in the other party’s world; if you still want to save it, you must send a
message to the other party. The key is how to send it. First of all, we have to
analyze whether you broke up with her true or false. If
it is a false breakup,
then the other party essentially wants you to
restore or retain her. At this time, you can still send messages to express
your wishes. A wrong step at this stage may lead to a genuine breakup.

2. At this time, you must pay
attention to sending messages, find the point where the other party is angry,
and output your changes and values point-to-point. If
it is a true breakup
, then you need to deal with it coldly or disconnect
for a short period of time. Don’t stubbornly put pressure on each other and
leave room for healing. If you feel uncomfortable, the other party will not
really feel that much. People are animals with emotions. It is not that you
want to save you or the victim, and your pain is more important than the other

he pulling away or breaking up?
But the same is the
question of what message to send. Many people do not know how to chat with
their ex after breaking up. Don’t step on the thunder that I said at the
beginning, there are too many thunder points to chat after breaking up.

Don’t think of the other person as
your boyfriend or girlfriend. The ex is the ex, and you have no obligation to
take into account all your emotions and feelings. Being able to send a message
does not mean that it can be bombarded, nor does it mean that the other party
must reply. The other party did not respond to one or two in the previous few
times. Don’t be entangled.

3. Of course, I don’t recommend that
you call or meet by voice. It will be easy to lose control of your emotions and
lead to difficult consequences. Many people come to find themselves when they
meet their ex, and sometimes they don’t want to return by looking at their
avatar without reading the content, which puts them under social pressure.

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