Is he pulling away or breaking up?Pay attention to emotional neglect

she doesn'tthink he is pulling away or breaking up

Obviously talking
about love, but feeling very lonely, the two people do not have much emotional
communication and interaction. This is likely to be a situation of emotional
neglect, which means that the two parties need to communicate, and there is
nothing after the communication. Changes, it may be necessary to stop loss in
time. Is
he pulling away or breaking up? Pay
attention to emotional neglect

What is emotional

If the following situations occur in a relationship, then
the emotional needs of one partner may be ignored:

1. Although you are in a relationship, you still feel
lonely and cannot feel the emotional connection and intimacy. When you need to
talk and rely on, feel that you cannot rely on your partner and can only turn to
friends or other people;

2. Feel
that your feelings have never
received the attention and response of the
other party;

3. Is he pulling away or breaking up? Disagreements or
conflicts appear repeatedly, but they cannot be effectively resolved. When you
start a topic and look forward to the discussion, the other party will either
stop your expression, use silence to avoid conflict, or drift away and

4. Problem-solving discussions always focus on
fact-centric rational argumentation, without taking into account the more
fragile emotional needs that are stimulated.

he pulling away or breaking up? Emotional
negligence is not uncommon, and it does not necessarily mean “no
love”. The other person may be busy with work, not realizing that he is
neglecting you, maybe he has experienced childhood emotional neglect (Childhood
Emotional Neglect), does not know how to manage and express emotions properly,
and is
unable to show emotional care.

1. Express your
feelings and provide solutions

The other party cannot read your mind, and it is more
difficult to accurately judge your emotions and needs at a certain moment. This
requires you to express your feelings frankly to the other party. You can tell
him a specific neglected example (when, what scene, what the two parties said
and did what), and then express how you felt in that situation and what you
would like the other party to do.

2. For partners
who have been avoiding
communication feelings

he pulling away or breaking up? Longitudinal
questioning techniques can help both parties understand the other’s inner
feelings. The opposite of “vertical questions” is “horizontal
questions”, which are designed to gather information, not to explore deep
emotions. Common
horizontal problems

• Why are you back
so late?

•Where did you go?

• How much did you
spend on things?

• What do you think
we should do?

• What is the plan
for this weekend? ”

he pulling away or breaking up? The results of
vertical questioning may be unexpected and may even cause strong emotions and
even pain, but it may take you through layers of avoidance, touch each other’s
true thoughts and feelings, and the possibility of completely solving the
problem. Of course, if you try to communicate, but the other party still
refuses to change or deny your ideas, you can reserve the right to leave the
relationship and break up in time to stop the loss.

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