Inside knowledge get the facts about gynecologic cancer

she knows Inside knowledge get the facts about gynecologic cancer

At present, as the quality of life improves, various
diseases are gradually coming. Among them, various gynecological diseases are
relatively common. Many women in life will take measures to prevent them, but
they don’t know that some relevant gynecological knowledge is easy to be ignored.
Reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases to a certain extent. The
knowledge get the facts
about gynecologic cancer.

What inside knowledge get the facts about
gynecologic cancer
should women

1. Don’t wash
private parts casually

Washing is healthier. I often hear this ad slogan. I do
not pay attention to the hygiene of the private parts, which can cause bacteria
to breed and cause inflammation. However, some women think that the cleaner the
private parts, the better. They buy various lotions for themselves. But I don’t
know that this behavior not only can’t prevent the disease, it can also cause
vaginitis. Since the private parts have their own acid-base balance, if they
are cleaned too much, their own barrier will be destroyed. If the balance is
broken, the resistance of the vagina will decrease. It is easier for bacteria
to invade. So just wash the vulva with warm water every day.

2. Try not to use
pads during non-menstrual periods

Some women worry about the unhygienic panties and
frequently change them every day, but they find it troublesome and put a pad on
the panties. They think that as long as the panty is changed regularly, it can
prevent the secretion from direct contact with the panties and avoid the vagina
from being irritated by panties. . But in fact, all kinds of pads contain high
chemical fiber components, and prolonged contact with the genitals will cause
mucosal irritation, especially in summer, it will induce vaginitis due to

3. Cervical
erosion is not a disease

women are particularly
scared when they hear about cervical erosion, and
they think it is a terrible disease that requires timely treatment, but in
fact, cervical erosion is just a phenomenon of cervical epithelial cell
ectropion, and it does not have any symptoms of discomfort and other
gynecological complications. When the disease occurs, no special treatment is
required, and it does not cause cancer.

4. Pelvic effusion
does not necessarily need treatment

Speaking of pelvic effusion, most people think of pelvic
inflammatory disease, but in fact these two are different diseases. Pelvic
inflammatory disease needs treatment. Some people don’t care about pelvic
effusion. Since there are more or less fluids that help lubricate the pelvic
cavity, these fluids will be revealed during the examination, so there is no
discomfort at the time of diagnosis, so you don’t need to pay more attention, but if the presence of a large
amount of fluid is also accompanied by menstrual disorders, Be wary of
abdominal distension and pain.

5. The first sex
may not be bleeding

From ancient times to the present, many men will judge
whether a virgin is a virgin by whether the vagina is bleeding or not. But in
fact, this method of judgment is not scientific at present, because there are
many studies that prove that most women will not bleed during the first sex.
Nowadays, many women get married and have sex at a later age. Under the
influence of various factors, the hymen is relatively thin and does not bleed

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