In a relationship, which one do you choose to match, ex-girlfriend or present girlfriend?

In a relationship, it is normal to break up.
There is a saying that is very good, “You will not meet a second me,
whether you are friendship or love, you can accept everything you lose. Only
when you lose you, I almost didn’t get over.” It’s common, but if your
former girlfriend comes back and chooses to get back together with you, and you
now have a girlfriend, what would you do?

Let me
share with you a story, which comes from fan contributions:

husband has an ex-girlfriend who has been talking for seven years.

From high
school to university, they have passed the beautiful campus time and lush
years. They broke up when they first stepped into the society in the senior

went through the college entrance examination repetition only to go to school
in the same city, experienced the diligence of the seekers of the new
environment but was not tempted, experienced strong opposition from both
parents, experienced the girl’s mother holding a knife to force them to break
stay together. After going through a series of gossips, I finally got

the girl and the colleague of the internship unit were together, her husband
ran away and tried to stay, and felt heartache. He was drunk and escaped sober
every day.

her husband moved to many cities and changed several girlfriends, but the
picture in the wallet was still her. Every time she changed a mobile phone, she
had to store her picture in the album first, and she would be mentioned
frequently in the diary. So when my husband and
I joked about his ex-girlfriend, they only pointed to that one.

For a
long time, he felt that the fate of the two of them was not exhausted, and one
day they would return to each other.

of whether there was anyone around him at the time and who that person was, he
would return to her without hesitation.

When I
heard these stories, I refused to be with him. I just hope that after being an
ordinary friend, I feel sorry and sigh, and more often shake my head and sigh.

I said:
Your being like this is unfair to your later girlfriend.

At that
time he said: Who has been fair to me.

He was
completely wounded, and the seven years of true love left nothing but a mess.

thought at the time, such a person, who has a broken brain,
wants to be with him.

afterwards, they were really together. He is a very good person to his
girlfriend, has a high EQ, is willing to spend his time, can understand
people’s emotions, and react appropriately.

At that
time, I just wanted to fall in love with him. The future was not in my
consideration. I was alone in a completely strange city, and I enjoyed the
novelty and warmth he brought to me.

I still
believe in true
but I don’t believe that I can meet it. At that time, my best hope for the
future was probably to marry someone with the right conditions and have
children. He is obviously not that person, and I am no longer a Mary. Miss Su
is now.

is a word called “insensitive”. While it is becoming less and less
prone to injury, it is also more and more difficult to be tempted.

thought that no one would be able to hurt him again in the future; I thought
that in the future no one would be able to meet another person to make me trust
with all my heart.

We all
put on the look that you can go anytime you want, and I will never stay.

some things happened unexpectedly. I didn’t expect to experience so much
together in just half a year. Now that I think about it, it is a blessing in
disguise? I saw his sense of responsibility, and he also saw my strength. We
have always supported each other, and also understood that each other is
actually sincere and kind people. If it was just a simple goodwill between us
at the beginning, then we slowly delivered our sincerity unknowingly. In
addition to liking, we have more appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

his ex-girlfriend, I was jealous for a while, like a thorn in my heart, because
I don’t know whether he will leave if she wants to come back.

my husband’s ex-girlfriends really
got here. I don’t know their specific conversations. I only know that she wants
to be with my husband again. She came to the city where we were at the time. My
husband did not see her. , She went to her husband’s hometown to meet his

Then I
asked my husband how he rejected her at the time.

This is
how my husband said to his ex-girlfriend: “I have been waiting for you for
two years. I will go with you whenever you come back in these two years, even
if you are two or three months earlier, but it is impossible now.”

licked my lips. At that time, we were together for half a year.

I asked
my husband again how did my ex-girlfriend feel.

said with a smile, really cool.

that we have been together for three or eight months, we have changed from a
couple to a couple, and we have gradually become the most important people in
each other’s lives.

To this
day, let alone the predecessor crying, it is not easy for anyone to cry.

After reading
this story, what is your inner feeling? Actually, the relationship is very simple. In a relationship, there is
only one encounter between people and people. You miss me and I miss you. This
is fairness. Although there is a parting day for feelings, there should be a
time to meet in the mountains and rivers. Boys with girlfriends should learn to
cherish the people in front of them and live the rest of their lives; boys
without girlfriends should learn to try to meet
new girls

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