How to tell if a guy is inexperienced sexually in love?

They are kissing

Many men have a virgin complex, and it is easy to verify
whether a woman has sex experience. Because women have hymen, but this is not a
strict method to identify virgins. Because there are many other ways to rupture
the hymen besides sex. However, judging
whether a man has
had sex life experience
cannot be
verified by such physical characteristics. Usually, you can make judgments
based on the other person’s behavior in the bedroom. Today I recommend some
interesting tips for everyone to help you identify whether your boyfriend is
sexual inexperienced before!

1. Study his love history. If he had
almost no girlfriend or even physical contact before, he probably has no sex

2. Observe his behavior when
discussing sex. If he is uneasy, then he may be a virgin. Usually, people are
awkward and awkward when talking about things they have not experienced.

3. Ask him directly if he is a
virgin. Since he may be dishonest, check his behavior when answering. If he
puts on a defensive posture and insists that he is a virgin, this may prove that
he has had sex.
If he answers with confidence, he
may feel that there is no need to defend the question.

4. Pay attention to the nuances of
his previous experience. If talking about the girl who slept before is not
consistent with his experience. He may be a virgin. Boys usually make up
stories to cover up their lack of sexual experience.

5. Check his behavior during sex. If
he is clumsy and doesn’t seem to know what to do, then he may be a virgin.

6. Tell him that it doesn’t matter
if he is a virgin. He may feel unreliable to talk about this topic with you. If
he trusts you, he will most likely tell you the truth.

7. Respect his personal space. If
discussing whether he is a virgin makes him feel embarrassed, don’t force it. Change to a topic
that makes him not embarrassed or insecure.

8. A virgin man urinates in the
toilet is completely different from a nonvirgin man. He rushed into the toilet
and couldn’t hold it before he got close to the urinal. He took out the guy and
sprinkled it; urinating like a fire fighter’s high-pressure faucet, sprayed on
the opposite wall is a virgin. On the contrary, he slackens into the toilet
slowly, walks up to the urinal with longing left and right. When going to the
toilet, his face has to be stuck to the wall, his waist is almost arched, but
the trajectory of urine is very small, which is absolutely Is a virgin.

9. Virgins generally don’t go
topless in front of a girl, and don’t wander around in the street in shorts
with big crotch. They only like to wear tight tops to show their pectorals
major muscles. It’s different if you are not a virgin. When the weather gets a
little hot, you can’t wait to take off your shirt, for fear that others will
not see his creamy belly. When you see a girl passing in front of you, you have to shake the cream
belly. Make a sea of meat churning.

10. When the virgin saw the beauty,
his eyes straightened. After a few seconds, the virgin looked at the beauty and
immediately turned to his shoe. When the non-virgin sees the beauty, his eyes
are bright. After staying on the beauty’s face for more than ten seconds, the
non-virgin immediately turns to the beauty’s chest. Then, his eyes will patrol
the beauty’s face, chest, waist, and legs.

11. A virgin and a girl hug with
their waist bowed; a non-virgin and a girl hug with their waist straight.

12. Before a virgin and a girl have
sex, they will go to bed
and get under the bed;
non-virgin and a girl will get into the bathroom before having sex.

13. Virgin men can’t use
contraceptives, and non-virgin men use them very skillfully.

14. A virgin will be silent or even
cry after having sex
with a girl;
a non-virgin will laugh after
having sex with a girl.

15. Virgins like to read nude
pictures on pornographic sites, while non-virgins like to read pornographic
articles on pornographic sites.

The above method is for reference
only! I hope everyone can judge rationally and don’t follow blindly!

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