Hugging for a long time miss

to make your hookup miss you? How to initiate a hookup?

You need to express a sense of need to a
certain extent, which can shorten the distance between you and the hooker and
reduce the defensive atmosphere in hooker’s heart. Let the hooker feel that you
do not exclude him, he still has a chance. In this way, he will invest more
time and energy to please you and talk more interesting words. Naturally, You
can build a hookup relationship and make a guy miss you.

can you make a guy miss you or hook up girlfriend? How to make a first hookup?
How to initiate a hookup? Just hook up.

Chat mode: There are three steps: lure,
bite and push away.

Simple understanding is to attract the
other one, let him fall into your trap, but push him out immediately. That is
to say, push and pull, is a series of continuous action, is an effective means
to guide boys or girls to pursue you. This technique is suitable for the
ambiguous period or the early stage of love, and can also be used as
appropriate in the love stabilizer. The essence of this skill is not to expose
too much sense of need. Because in the ambiguous period or the early stage of
love, if the needs dare to expose too much, the other one thinks that you have
been settled, they will not pay more attention to you, and will not care about
you, this is the taboo in love. However, when you like a person, no matter the
words, expressions or body language, you will more or less show your sense of
need, and even want to rush into the arms of a male god to give him a little
monkey. From the perspective of social psychology and interpersonal relationship, this
reaction is very normal. The two strangers are from acquaintance to love.
of them have to go through interpersonal relationship building, development and
self exposure, so expressing a sense of need is self exposure.

The establishment of interpersonal
relationship can be divided into four stages: Orientation stage, emotional exploration
stage, emotional communication stage, stable communication stage. Generally
speaking, self exposure is interspersed from the emotional exploration stage,
as your relationship develops. The degree of self exposure will also deepen, so
the degree of exposure is also the development trend of interpersonal
relationship, which is divided into four levels. First of all, the most
superficial level of self is to express our experiences, interests and hobbies
to each other, that is, to state the facts. This is the shallowest level. In
the emotional exploration stage, for example, you ask him: what do you usually
do in your spare time? What kind of books do you prefer to read? European Cup
is very popular recently. Which team do
you like?
Find common points of interest through the other one’s answers,
and then state your hobbies. For example: It’s a coincidence. I like mountain
climbing, too. In addition to the beautiful scenery you can enjoy, the most
important thing is that when you reach the summit, you can have a panoramic
view of all the scenery. There is a kind of freedom of birds flying in the sky.
This is the first self exposure.

Seducing ideas:
First of all, through self exposure to lure the hook, and so on to achieve the
goal of pushing away, let him can’t guess your mind, a man is born hunter, the
more can not guess, the more he is trying to explore the answer. If you want to
use it well, you should first establish your own framework. The stronger your
framework is, the more convenient it will be. What is the framework? It is a
message you send to the other one, which can be your bottom line of principle,
or your aura, so that the other one can know the central idea of your
interaction with him.

For example: before you meet, even if you like him, you should give yourself
psychological hints or mental construction is the framework. He wants to know
that I have to invest and have time, emotion and money to pay. If you don’t pay
at all, don’t want to get me. This is a kind of framework. The essence of this
technique is what we usually call interest. Emotion is that both parties feel
interesting when they are together. The heart rate will change and there will
be emotional fluctuations, which will produce the feeling of love. Just like we
face ordinary friends and like people, the biggest difference is that ordinary
friends do not make our heart beat faster, but always calm. Like the person
will let our heart suddenly raised to the throat, suddenly fell into the
stomach, he can always bring us emotional ups and downs. The magic of this
technique is to change his heart rate through love skills, so as to have love
for you.   From a psychological point of
view, when you make an action to the other party, the other party will wake up through
inertia or thinking pattern, and will have a judgment and expectation for your
next behavior. If your later behavior is exactly as he expected, he will not
have any fluctuation in his mind, and he will not have special emotions.

On the contrary, when he thinks you will
do this, you just don’t do it. He will be curious, his emotions will fluctuate, he will pay attention to you, play his imagination to explore the reasons,
so as to invest in your emotion and attention, and love will come into being unconsciously.

How to initiate a hookup? How to make
your hookup miss you? Let’s give a few practical examples to give you a better
understanding of how to hookup to relationship.

The first one. Hooking up with a guy to
your face at the right time. At this time, the boy must think that you
want him to kiss,
and his heart beat faster. But your nose was close to his
nose and said, “your taste is so unique and comfortable, and then you go
back to your position and continue to eat as if nothing happened.”. He was
left there for a long time.

The second one. In the evening, I
chatted with the boys on wechat. The girl said that I had just taken a bath and
had to wash out the soap bubbles all over my body in the dark bathroom. The
girl said that I had just washed out the soap bubbles all over my body in the
dark bathroom. This will let the boy have an association. When he hears this,
he will be full of imagination and yearn to fly in front of you for a second.
When he has this expression, he will be hooked. But when he replied that I
would be there immediately, the girl would say: Fortunately, my roommate came
back and charged the card. This is to push it away. After hooking, we
have to wait for the boy to take the bait or not and disconnect it
Fortunately, my roommate has come back. This pause is very important. If it is
connected together, it will have no special effect.

Let’s feel the pattern of this series of
actions. You can try it in your life. The core idea is to stimulate his
hormones, arouse his interest, his mood will also produce fluctuations, the
heart rate will change, and begin to love you, this way is especially suitable
for the early stage of love and ambiguous period.

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