How to keep your man interested in real passionate sex? 5 skills you should know

she know how to keep him interested

Sex is prone to ejaculation when sex
reaches orgasm, but some people choose not to ejaculate in order to let their
spouse enjoy the orgasm or to extend the time of sex. Tolerance and not
ejaculate is very harmful to the body, so
to keep your man interested in
real passionate
There are 5 skills you deserve.

1: Pay attention to sex position in
real passionate sex

During sex, if you and your partner
adopt a female upper and lower male position, orgasm is easier to control. When
the male is in position, because the weight of the male body is pressed on the
penis, and the body must constantly move up and down or left and right, the
muscles are more tense. Although this will also bring pleasure, it is not easy
to control your ejaculation time.

2: Relax the body in real
passionate sex

Relax the leg and buttocks muscles.
During sex, ejaculation is controlled by the PC muscles. At this time, the
muscles of the buttocks and thighs are also tense. Although some people think
that the above-mentioned muscle tension can increase pleasure, but it will also
make the orgasm come faster. Therefore, trying to relax these muscles can help
you delay ejaculation and
feel the pleasure of orgasm.

3: Adopt throat breathing method in real
passionate sex

Men can extend their sexual life by
adjusting their breathing, such as throat breathing. This is a breathing method
in yoga, it is a bit like breathing through the nose, but slower and more
gentle. The method is: relax your whole body, put your mind on your nose, and
slowly adjust your breathing to make it calm and rhythmic. After a period of
time, put your mind on your throat, gently contract your throat muscles, and
make a “he” sound at the same time, like the gentle snoring sound of
a baby while sleeping. The whole breathing process should be slow and deep.

It is said that this technique is a
male patent. When the erect penis reaches the fully moist vagina, it can be
used. Through it, men can not only control their breathing freely and
encourage women to reach orgasm, but
also can control themselves urgently before ejaculation.

4: Sex without orgasm in real
passionate sex

Break the concept, sex does not have
to have an orgasm. And the more you worry about the climax coming sooner, the
easier it will be to speed it up. Therefore, you can try to end sex before
ejaculation. After doing this several times, you can distinguish sex from
orgasm, and it is much easier to control it.

5: Empty the urine in real
passionate sex

Before sex, go to the bathroom
to empty your urine to control orgasm. Because the bladder is next to the
prostate that can cause ejaculation, if your bladder is full of urine, it is
easy to ejaculate and it is more difficult to control. Maybe all these 5 skills
can help you to
keep him interested in real passionate sex

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