How to improve the relationship deeply online by dating blog?

In emotional interactions, understanding each other can
better avoid disagreements. However, the first step is to master some common psychological
tips, which will be illustrated in this article. These skills for dating and
relationship will better help you communicate with each other.

When you kiss, you find that the other person has his eyes open. That
shows he

never loves you.

If a person blinks
frequently, it is probably too nervous.

When speaking, pay attention to the other person’s feet; if the toes are
facing you, it means that he or she likes to chat with you;

You feel that a person is easy to get along with, and you don’t find any
shortcomings, which proves that others are catering to you.

People with irritable temperament tend to be very fragile in their
hearts, disguising themselves with irritability.

If one likes to point at others with his fingers, and he has a strong desire for inner control.

Unconnected people approaching you suddenly, they must be trying to find
something on your body.

A girl who can usually drink two bottles of liquor  drunk in front of you, indicating that she is
a little careful about you.

A person who never talks to you with straight eyes means that he
despises you or hates you.

10.  Those who talk and talk, look like a little
fairy, maybe they are dead, sloppy, and vain people behind their backs.

11.  A man can quit smoking and drinking, no
matter what he does, he is excellent.

12.  People with choice difficulties are easily
influenced by others.

13.  When you meet someone
who just talks about yourself and talks about your own affairs, but has no
interest in your affairs, it means that you are treated as an emotional trash
can by him.

14.  People who don’t like to join in the fun are
often withdrawn and strong in their hearts, and know what they want better.

15.  The girl tells you that she is not
good-looking, not to make you agree, but to praise her for being

16.  If you are talking to someone and the other
person is always eating and is not ready to put down the food, it often means
that he does not take you seriously.

17.  Girls prefer to use behaviors to convey good feelings than to speak. For example:
confronting you face to face, shortening the distance from you to 0.5 meters,
looking at you gently and firmly, fiddling with the skirt or hair to attract
your attention.

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