How to have a naked and afraid sex?

Sex is an unparalleled and wonderful way to express the
intimacy relationship between men and women. Having a naked sex can also enhance the
relationship and contact of the couple in mentality, spirit and body. Most
people enjoy the joy of sex. However, some are afraid of naked sex, and even
try to avoid sexual contact between men and women in some extent. So how do
them overcome the fear of having a naked and afraid sex?

Ms. Lu is 25 years old and Mr. Li is 27
years old. Ms. Lu is Chinese and Mr. Li is American. The two of them got
together through a multinational chat app. They are using
a chat app at the same time, and they have the same problem at the same time in
a live broadcast of an anchor. Because of this, the two met with each other by
chance. Through six months of secret
chat, Ms. Lu and Mr. Li learned about each other’s interests. Finally,
they agreed to meet. On the same day, Mr. Li arrived at the agreed western
restaurant in advance. He stared at the people coming
and going at the door. Although he felt exhausted physically, he insisted on
waiting for Ms. Lu’s arrival. Suddenly, he recognized her in the vast crowd.
Mr. Li got up immediately and walked to the door to welcome Ms. Lu’s arrival.
Mr. Li stretched out his hands excitedly, wanting to give Ms. Lu a hug.
However, Ms. Lu blushed and refused directly.

Later, between meals, Ms. Lu talked
about her naked and afraid sex.
She stated that she had sexual fears. When meeting a man, if there is physical
contact, such as the simplest contact: shaking hands, hugging, then she will
also feel guilty and anxious. Therefore, she will avoid all possible sexual opportunities.

Because she is the youngest child in the
family, she is very attached to her mother. However, her mother is a
narcissistic, competitive woman. Her mother currently opposes sex education
interferes with the emotional and closeness between daughter and father. In
this way, the vulnerable little girl, under the influence of her mother’s
negative ideas, showed a repulsive attitude towards sex, even serious enough to produce sexual fear.

Because her “Electra complex”
has not been dealt with properly, when she gets
along with men, Ms. Lu always mistakes Mr. Li for her father in her heart and
develops the fear of “incest”
, which is same with “sibling sex”.
That’s why Ms. Lu directly refused to hug Mr. Li at the first meeting.

Of course, it is an undeniable fact that
Ms. Lu’s sexual fear also directly affected her sex life. After listening to
Ms. Lu’s story, Mr. Li did not give up his love with Ms. Lu. On the
contrary, Mr. Li insisted on choosing to accompany Ms. Lu to overcome this
problem of sexual fear. After learning that Ms. Lu was afraid of naked sex, Mr.
Li did not force Ms. Lu to have sex with himself, but patiently
accompanied Ms. Lu to take care of her daily life and her three meals a day.

Mr. Li’s thoughtfulness gradually made
Ms. Lu realize that the negative education she had received in the past was
unreasonable. Slowly, with the daily love and relationship, Mr. Li helped Ms. Lu
relieve her inner worry about naked and afraid sex. On the first anniversary of
their relationship, Ms. Lu voluntarily accepted Mr. Li’s touch, and the two had
sex with each other.

Therefore, the easiest way to overcome
sexual fear is to find a proper soul-mate. A proper
soul-mate will give you a happy ending massage in sex.

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