How to get your ex back paragraph?

she is sad about how to get her ex back paragraph

How to get your ex back paragraph? If one is anxious
and the other is avoiding, you will have a very common approach-avoidance
scenario in love and marriage: one keeps protesting, approaching, and asking
for more love, while the other keeps avoiding , Alienate, refuse to communicate
further. One was chasing and the other was at large, so we all realized that
something was wrong before we broke up, but we still didn’t know what went
wrong, and we didn’t
have the ability t
o solve it. So, what exactly was done in the restoration?

How to get your ex back paragraph? If you understand
her attachment style, you should try to control your irritability and pressing,
self-digesting anxiety in the process of restoring her. This process is
difficult, but it is really important. Give her enough space and freedom as
much as possible. You can send a message to her: I know you need enough space,
so I will let go for the time being and wait quietly and patiently
for your return to

How to get your ex back paragraph? At the same time, insist
on positive feedback and positive emotional value output. Although she blacked
out the main contact information, you still have other channels to contact, so
I always insist on positive feedback. Insist on instilling positive emotions in
her and giving more positive feedback to offset her negative tendencies. For
example, say something like “I still cherish this relationship very
much” and “This thing you did before is
very satisfying to me”
to make emotional preparations.

How to get your ex back paragraph? In addition, some
of the ruthless words she said before, you will slowly smooth out by yourself,
digest them, and not take them to your heart. If your target is an avoidant
personality, please remember that keeping a distance is a customary way of
self-protection of their personality, not against you, let alone your fault.
Therefore, when they show indifference and harsh words, don’t
take it to heart.

How to get your ex back paragraph? Also, stay patient
and listen more. She insisted on not giving up before finally turning around.
Listening is a scarce and precious quality. When there is a conflict with her,
I will listen and understand her needs, and wait patiently for her to tell her
true thoughts and concerns. Whenever she talks more, I will feel our hearts
will be closer.

How to get your ex back paragraph? Finally, try to
complain as little as possible. Talk about demand directly and rationally,
don’t complain. She is particularly afraid of other people’s negative comments,
so you should try not to complain about her bad habits, mistakes or negligence
when getting along. Complaining will only make her resist and avoid. Next time,
she will make a request directly before she does something, instead of waiting for her to finish something and then make a negative comment

How to get your ex back paragraph? You have to know
that, any of the above points are quite difficult for this kind of anxiety
personality. Therefore, in the process of recovery, if you do not have a
correct attitude and good emotional management, it will be difficult to persist
until the end. Once you start to recover, please say to yourself: This is my
own choice, regardless of success And failure is also a breakthrough of self.

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