How to get a second date:4 second date tips

In the second date, they hug with each other and express their love

If the first date with the girl goes
well, then the boy will consider the second date. So, how
do boys ask for a second date,
and there will be a good second date? How long is better
between the second date? Is it appropriate for a boy to actively kiss a girl on
the second date? For the second date, what date gift should a boy prepare? How can boys continue the goodwill of girls? These
are all second date
questions. There are 4 second date

1. The second date depends on the
attitude of both parties

If you want to have a second date after the first date, it depends on the
attitude of both men and women. Most boys will think that it is a girl who has
a good affection for him, and then the girl will continue to agree to the date;
and most of the girls will agree to the date if they want to start with the boy
as a friend. Boys’ inner thoughts should be that if you are still willing to
continue dating with me, it means that you have a good impression of me and
want to continue to fall in love with me, but what girls think in their hearts
is: Can you still be friends if you can’t be lovers? Although I can’t say that
I like you or have a good impression of you, I don’t hate you.

2. Before
the second date, men and women can keep in touch

Before the second date is determined, boys can spend more time to keep in
touch with girls to ensure that girls will not forget you. In the process of
chatting, on the one hand, you can learn more about girls; on the other hand,
let this situation become a habit, and slowly let the girls adapt to your
existence! In fact, chasing girls does not need to be too gorgeous or romantic.
Sentiment. As long as you let her feel your sincerity! In addition, in the
process of chatting, don’t talk about dating and kissing, so as not to have a
second date with a girl.

3. For the second date, the best time point is two to three days after the first date

The second date needs to consider the convenience of both parties, such
as distance, inconvenient transportation, inappropriate time, and whether there
is a good place to go after the appointment. Moreover, due to the work of both
parties, even if both parties are very satisfied after the meeting, the other
party is unlikely to meet immediately the next day. Therefore, it is
recommended that you arrange a second date without affecting the work of both
parties, such as weekends or other holidays. The dating cycle is generally 2-3
days best. If you meet frequently, the freshness between men and women will

4. Before the second date, be well prepared

If boys still want to continue the
good impression of the first date, or even want to surpass the progress of the
first date, then you’d better prepare well in advance. You can prepare from the
following aspects, such as: what flavors of food girls like; girls’ hobbies;
girls’ favorite places to go, etc. If on the second date, you
get along very happily with each other,
then it shows that the girl wants
to be in contact with you.

If the second date is not successful, don’t be sad. All things are not
because of your problems leading to the failure of the appointment. It can only
be said that you are a better partner. Therefore, do not be discouraged if the
date fails, you can go to BL dating app for finding a new lover from a different country. I believe that you will find your true love.

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