How to capture the heart of a hot wife or pretty girls ?

Men often say: “lady are stone-hearted.” And what boys want most is to capture a heart
of pretty girls or hot wife. They suppose that it is very difficult to capture
the heart of pretty girls or a hot wife. But in fact, it is not difficult to chase a lady and
capture her heart. In a relationship, if you can’t catch a heart of pretty
girls or hot wife, then you may complain that you haven’t found a right dating app.
However, the fundamental reason is that you don’t understand women, and there
is no way to capture women’s hearts. The final result, of course, is that the
woman did not fall in love with you. If you don’t know how to capture women’s
hearts but blindly pursue women, then you will not be loved by women. So, what
can you do to be noticed by women in a relationship?

There is only one way: to
seize her weakness. You have to learn to grasp her emotional weakness, first of
all, you can’t ignore the small details in life.

For example, my neighbor
Genie, a pretty girl, because her parents divorced when she was very
young, she was raised by her grandma. But under the influence of her native
family, she lacks security and desires to be loved in a relationship.

But her boyfriend is always
busy at work, so she is often at home alone. Once Genie had a high fever, she
sent a message to her boyfriend, “I’m sick, can you go home?” About
two hours later, her boyfriend only replied: “Okay. Yes.” However,
her boyfriend had not returned home until eight o’clock in the evening. At that
moment, Genie not only had a high fever in his body, but also felt the pain
inside. None of her boyfriends went home that night. She walked out of the
house tremblingly, and walked more than ten miles to the pharmacy to get the
anti-fever medicine. The next day, when her boyfriend came home, she directly
broke up with him. However, her boyfriend didn’t realize his problem at all,
and complained that the woman was troublesome.

In fact, Genie is not too much
terrible stone-hearted lady. To be honest, she just wants to be loved. Because
women need nothing but love. A man must understand that if he wants to get a
woman, he must grasp her emotional cul-de-sac, let her stick to you and give
her a sense of security.

What girls need is practice,
not verbal promises. Many boys like to make some wishes for girls, such as
“Next time your birthday, I will give you one…” But you don’t even
remember the girl’s birthday, let alone give gifts.

For some men in this
situation, he will secretly remember the birthday of the girl in advance. Then
give her a huge surprise on her birthday. Facts have proved that girls often love
this set.

A man with talent can easily
capture the hearts of girls. However, many boys tend to ignore this point and
don’t pay much attention to cultivating their talents. Therefore, it is
difficult for girls to get surprises and romance from you.

If you can do some tricks and
give her once in a while, she must be happy; if you sing well, you might as
well organize a small concert on her birthday; if you can cook, then try to
cook for the girl next time.

If you have a lot of skills, you may wish to find some tutorials online to learn
some skills when you are fine.

Pursuing girls is not just
being kind to girls blindly. Women are looking for someone, they are looking
for a lifelong partner. Just ask a man who has no thoughts of his own and
cannot handle things calmly. So how can women dare to entrust the rest of their
lives to men for such boys?

When men are pursuing women,
they blindly treat women well, but do not know how to show their charms. This will
only make women feel grateful to men, but men can’t be good to them, which will
make them feel heartbroken.

The process of a man’s pursuit
of a woman is the process of showing his charm and letting women gradually fall
in love with him. If a man blindly treats girls well, but forgets to attract
women to fall in love with themselves slowly, this will naturally lead to
men being hurt by love. Therefore, if you want to capture the hearts of women,
choosing a good dating software is particularly important, and it is also important
to master some necessary chat skills. If you chat more often, then you
gradually learn how to capture women’s hearts.

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