How to bring passion back into a relationship for pretty girls or boys?

Passion between the lovers

After a relationship loses its initial passion, what will
you do? Will you choose to embrace the next relationship? Or will you force
yourself to stay in a dull relationship and make love a habit day after day? In
fact, all you should do is try to find your previous passion. So, How to bring
passion back into a relationship for pretty girls or boys?

First, you need to understand how long is the
shelf life of love
? This is probably the unsolved
mystery that everyone in love wants to figure out. Once, Cornell University
professor Cindy Hazan surveyed 5000 lovers from 37 different cultural
backgrounds around the world. After conducting medical tests and face-to-face
interviews with these couples, he came to the following conclusion: 18 to 30
months is enough time for men and women to meet, date and even bond and have
children. After this series of processes are over, both parties in love will no
longer have heartbeats and sweating.

Of course, love and marriage
are always two different things.
Love is more of a passion, a pattern of behavior based
on the primitive instincts of creatures. It may come in inexplicably, or it may
suddenly disappear without a trace.

When people mix the beautiful fantasy of love with the
cooperative system of marriage, various problems will arise.

For example, facing the disappearance of passion in
marriage, the so-called seven-year itch, and even no sexual desire. This kind of disappointment is often mutual
disappointment. This kind of disappointment makes us lose all passionate
interest and sexual interest.

So, whether you are a couple in love or a partner after
marriage, you can try these methods to awaken the passion and enthusiasm at the
beginning of love:

1. Set every weekend as your fixed “exploration

You can set aside one day every weekend to explore the
city with each other and participate in interesting activities together. For
example, try the newly opened Michelin three-star restaurant, listen to a
violin concert, participate in a performance art exhibition by avant-garde
artists, or take a short trip.

This way will always be full of fresh experiences when
you are with each other. And our feelings will automatically connect this
beautiful feeling with each other.

2. Create surprises for each other from time to time

One of the secrets of creating freshness is to make the
other party unable to predict your behavior. When you make the other party feel
unexpectedly surprised, the actions you do will give the other party more
powerful stimulation. To produce this effect, you can not let the other party
predict your time, or do not let the other party predict your actions.

You can randomly choose to prepare a romantic dinner
after get off work on a certain day. Or make a little bad, tell each other that
you can’t come before you celebrate your birthday together. Then when he was
extremely depressed, he suddenly appeared. This will surely make the other
party surprise and give you a big hug.

3. Actively learn new things and let the other party
discover your shining points

In love, we always enjoy the process of
getting to know each other
a little
bit at the beginning. It feels like reading an interesting book. We are always
full of curiosity, always wondering what else I don’t know about?

But as the time of love prolonged, we exposed more and
more things to each other. In the end, even the two sides had no secrets that
the other side did not know. It’s like we have read a book to the end. No
matter how good a book is, after reading it a few times, it will lose its

If we can continue to learn, we will always grow and
learn new skills and thinking. We are continuing to write our own book. And we
have to remind ourselves, take the initiative to let the other party feel the
new changes that have taken place in us. For example, if you are promoted to a
new position, you might as well talk to the other person about your new job and
new thoughts. If you learn to cook a new dish, you might as well show it in
front of the other party. It’s like the other party is following an unfinished
story. He will be full of interest and keen to read your story book that is always
being written.

I remember that there was a speech video with tens of
millions of views on TED. The speaker was Esther. The topic of the speech was
how to maintain passion in a long-term relationship. Astor believes that the
secret to maintaining passion and desire in a long-term
is to create some distance and space
for imagination.

People are always different from one person to another.
The closer you are, the clearer you will understand. This difference becomes
more and more obvious. But distance creates imagination, and imagination fills
in those differences and differences. With the blessing of imagination, we can still maintain our
for each other and the fantasy of

Hope these small methods can help you in love!

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