How to ask a guy out without getting rejected? 5 Skills for you !

Out or not. It depends on you!

When a person has a crush in his heart, he
will always unconsciously want to ask her out. But many people are afraid of
being rejected, so he dare not ask his favorite girl to go out and play. Then, how to
ask a guy out without getting rejected?
And there are many girls who worry about
themselves as girls, should they take the initiative to ask the boys they like
to go out to play? What if you are refused if you ask your crush to go out to
play? In fact, it is normal for men and women to go out and play with their
crush. So, how should you ask your crush to go out for an appointment so that
you won’t be rejected? Here are 6 tips to ask her out without being rejected!

1.     How to
ask a guy out without getting rejected?
Find your common habits!

If you have deep feelings for someone,
then you should find out what you have in common; then, starting from the
common ground, take the initiative to understand each other better. Of course,
you must first establish a deep friendship with your crush. If you two like
similar activities and the same type of music, then you must start from the
same hobbies and ask each other out to play. Only then will you have the
opportunity to get along together.

1.     How to ask a guy out without getting rejected? Put down your worries and be confident!

Because you may feel that you are not good
enough, or you may be afraid of being rejected by the other party, you may feel
uneasy about yourself and not confident enough in many ways. If you have ever
experienced rejection, your anxiety and un-confidence will slowly rise.
Although this is normal, it does not mean that you are not good enough. You
should take the initiative to take the courage to overcome this anxiety and
work hard to actively pursue your love.

2.     How to
ask a guy out without getting rejected?
 Keep yourself humors!

If you are always very plain and do not
have a sense of humor in daily chats, then the other party will slowly lose
interest in you. This also means that you will lose the opportunity to pursue
each other. Therefore, in your daily dealings, you should behave fun, lively,
mature, confident, and let the other person feel the joy of having you.

3.     How to ask a guy out without getting rejected? Be fashions and refuse lures!

In the relationship, there are two things
that will make both men and women lose the idea of love. One is: you don’t
know how to match yourself, and the dressing style is not fashionable enough;
the second is that you can’t resist the temptation outside. Only when these two
conditions are met can the success rate of love be increased. When you ask the
other person to go out, you need to pay attention to your own clothes;
colleagues, you also need to pay attention to your own words and deeds, don’t
use tacky lines or gestures. You need to know one thing: When you meet on a
once you make a mistake in the details, you
may lose the possibility of going on. If you really like the other person, try
to show the other person who you are!


4.     How to ask a guy out without getting rejected? Pay attention to the occasion!

When you are sure that the other party can
make an appointment, then you need to seize the opportunity to make an
appointment. But the premise is that you have left a good impression on the
other party before. Remember that timing is very important, don’t make an
appointment as soon as you get to know it; relationships need a gradual process.

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