How much do you know about common little knowledge about kissing?

Kiss for love

Kissing is the most direct way for couples
to exchange feelings and express love. Couples are shy
when kissing in public, but in private, they still have sex frequently. Because
kissing can not only exchange feelings, but also has many benefits for the
body. But, how much do you know about common little knowledge about kissing?

1.     According to
statistics in the United States, American women will kiss 80 men on average before they get married.

2.     The sensitivity of
lips is 200 times higher than that of fingers.

3.     Men who kiss their
wives before going out to work have a life expectancy that is 5 years longer
than the average life span of men who walk away with them.

4.     Kissing
affectionately for 90 seconds will increase blood pressure, increase heart
rate, and increase the level of hormones in the blood, thereby reducing life
span by one minute.

5.     In some countries,
people generally do not agree to kiss in public. Japanese people generally keep a certain distance before kissing, and the kissing
time is also very short.

6.     On average, a
person spends about two weeks kissing in his life.

7.     Consume 6.4
calories per minute of kissing. If it’s a passionate kiss, it will consume 20
calories per minute.

8.     Kissing is a
discipline that specializes in kissing. It covers a wide range of areas. For
example, two-thirds of people like to tilt their heads to the right when

9.     Today, a kiss
between lovers lasts an average of 12 seconds. Thirty years ago, the kiss
between lovers was shorter than it is now, only 5.5 seconds on average.

10.   Kissing is healthy, at least from the doctor’s
point of view. Because breathing slows down during kissing, it also helps to
improve immunity. Not even kissing, but just thinking about the actions and
scenes of the kiss will make people secrete more saliva and help sterilize the
mouth guard.

11.   Kissing can calm people and improve mood.
Kissing scholars have found that drivers who get in the car after a goodbye
kiss are more calm, pay more attention to traffic rules, and have fewer
accidents. However, pay attention to safety while driving and don’t get
distracted and kissing.

12.  When kissing, a
total of 100 billion nerve cells are mobilized, as many as 34 facial muscles
participate in “work”, and the human body secretes pleasure hormone
and adrenaline at the same time.

13.  When kissing, we
exchange many substances including body fluids with each other, such as 60 mg
of saliva, 0.5 mg of protein, 0.4 mg of salt, and a lot of bacteria.

14.  The kiss is an
innate movement of lips, and the animal world also has kisses. For example,
gorillas, geese, and elephants all have similar kisses.

15.  People in 90% of
countries around the world have kisses, but there are
also some customs differences.

16.  Kiss the rules.
For example, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, women cannot kiss women in public
places on Sundays. In Turkey, kissing is prohibited in the subway.

17.  Germans are not a
kiss-loving nation. They are relatively rare in Europe, with an average of only
4 times a day. French and Italians love to kiss, an average of 7 times a day.

18.  Under normal
circumstances, 66% of people close their eyes when kissing, while the rest like
to see the emotions on their partners’ faces.

19.  French kissing is
called “the union of souls”. The passionate French also invented
kissing with only the tongue.

20.  When kissing, the
body produces a substance that is 200 times stronger than the effect of
morphine, so the kissing partner will feel happy and satisfied.

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