How lonely are you?

When I live alone in a strange city, I feel very lonely.

On the way home, after getting off work yesterday, I saw the crowds with partners on the street. Then looking myself , I was only myself rushing to take the return bus. At that moment, I felt very lonely inexplicably.

There were so many cars and crowds outside. While I was alone on the bus looking at the scenery outside.

When I was eating my dinner outside, a video call came from my parents. That moment, I found me a lonely person without other’s accompany.

When I bought milk tea in a milk tea shop, the clerk said that the second cup was half price, would you like to buy two cups?

I said yes. Then I drank looking at the second cup in my hand. It was intact and had not been opened. At that time, I wondered where did my boy exist? If he was here , he would drink milk tea with me.

I remembered that when I went to school last year, I took a plane to Guilin by myself. The moment I sat on the plane, I felt sad inexplicably, so I recorded this video.

But now, I start to enjoy loneliness, the happiness of my own. Because I know that loneliness is just to find a better self and to meet the Mr Right in the future.

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