How do you solve signs that she is bored sexually?

she is on the mirror for signs that she is bored sexually

do you solve signs that she is bored sexually? In fact, the
relationship between the sexes must follow a question of rhythm and time. That
is to say, in a relationship, at a certain stage of development, you should do what
should be done at this stage, instead of doing things that are inconsistent
with the current relationship.

When you feel that the relationship between two people is
developing smoothly, don’t feel that you have reached a certain stage, but
believe that all the relationship development is not achieved overnight. The
key is to find out where the problem lies and do the right thing under the
right relationship node. Why are girls suddenly cold? How do you solve signs that she is bored sexually?

First, it must be divided into stages, soberly aware that each stage is different;

Second, don’t think about how to achieve your goals, but
consider how you feel about girls at different stages. If you use this kind of
thinking to think about problems, many problems will not become problems, and
girls’ acceptance will be high. a lot of;

Third, don’t undermine girls’ sense of security. If the
relationship develops in a hurry, it will easily undermine girls’ sense of
security. If the sense of security is destroyed, the relationship between the
two parties will also collapse at any time;

Fourth, if you encounter a problem, you must
first solve
the other party’s emotional problem, and then give the other
party an alternative.

do you solve signs that she is bored sexually? For example, if
you are rejected, there is no need to block black. You can disappear for a
while, and then explain, apologize, etc., to express that you are kind and not
disrespect the other party. I just lack experience and expect the other party
to give yourself again. opportunity.

The most important element is to learn to think and take
the initiative to think, which is actually a performance of taking
responsibility. The main reason why many boys end
up in
failure is that they did not learn to take responsibility and did not
take it as their own responsibility to solve the current single problem of
girls. Rather, just thinking about finding a girlfriend, putting the blame on
the girls, all kinds of kneeling and licking, all kinds of not caring about
girls, all kinds of deliberately flattering, these are completely wrong.

do you solve signs that she is bored sexually? Think about it
carefully. The two are fundamentally different between taking responsibility
and passing the responsibility to the other side. They are two completely
different ways of thinking. Back to the question we need to discuss, why are
girls who have a good impression of you suddenly become cold? In fact, you
didn’t do it well because of this.

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