How do you know if someone is mature or not?

As for me, age is not the standard to evaluate whether a man is mature or not.

Because being mature is aimed at the mental matures. If a man is mature, he won’t act some extreme behaviors.

1.When he is mature, he will solve problems in a calm state. And he will analyze the problems seriously from the behind reason and the present result.

2. When he is mature, he can avoid to produce conflicts with others when communicating with each other.

3. When he is mature, he knows the polite manner. That women is on the priority when entering into a same room.

4.When he is mature, he will think carefully before taking action and will make wise decisions and avoid hasty behavior.
5.When he is mature, he won’t fall in love with a woman because of her beauty, and not just because of sex.

6. When he is mature, he will know his key point in family or career. He will pay more attention to his family and lovers with a great balance between family and career. And he will humorously run his family without disputes.

7. When he is mature, he understands that he should rely on himself no matter what he faces,

8.When he is mature, he knows how to manage his financial situation and has learnt to keep secrets.

9.When he is mature, he won’t complain to anyone. He has learnt to accept everything changeable.

10. When he is mature, he will stay away from negative people and things. Because in his opinion, being negative is a waste of time.

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